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Not giant hit

By jtrinchillo
Written March 13, 2013
While the movie did have great visuals, and some very good one liners, it was not as good as I had hoped. It was not a $13.50 movie, but would have made a great film on or Netflix.
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Go for the charm and CGI, not the plot.

By Isaacthesocks
Written March 27, 2013
To make things short, the movie was honestly very weird. It had a strange feel to it that took me out of it immediately. The plot was also just very strange and convoluted. But the charm and action in the movie were great! The characters were good (excluding the giants) and the CGI action sequences were well done.
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2013 Take On OLD Fairy Tale--A Goody!

Written March 06, 2013
C'mon, who doesn't love young, poor, optimistic heroes and huge, rich, gross giants (and evildoing politicians)? We've seen cartoons of fairy tales, bad renderings from decades past. This one has GIANTS, and we actually go to their world (they're pretty gross, by the way ... your young boys and girls will love the booger eater as much as you will. Ew.), hear their thundering footsteps, growling language. You can almost smell them. The effects are right for the story: There are a lot of moments that make your heart beat faster, starting with the beanstalk just ripping itself into the sky. Adults pay attention because there is a lot of wry humor that actually brings a laugh. Wonderfully cast, beautifully shot/costumed/set designed, and crisply edited. I saw this last night in a large theater and am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen again before owning the DVD. (GIANTS!!). Oh, and I'm over 50. Go. See. It. (I saw in 2D and was thrilled.)
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Fee Fi Fo FUN!

By pedsarq
Written March 07, 2013
What a ride! This is a different kind of Jack v. Giants tail. It's an epic adventure of love and war between man and monster. There are plenty of complications to the simple Jack and the Beanstalk tale to totally entertain the parent while. See if.
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Jack the Giant Slayer - a snoozer

By gdcannon
Written March 05, 2013
Took our 14 y/o son to see Jack and I fell asleep in the first 15 mins. Wife and son also thought it was not very good. Save you $ and rent on Redbox. It's worth $1.50 for the family. Just get comfortable for a good nap :).
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