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Jack the Giant Slayer

By tumrani
Written July 03, 2015
Movie goers considering seeing Jack the Giant Slayer will find a film that delivers on its promise, and nothing more. It is a formulaic fantasy, high special effects action film that is crafted well. It delivers an interesting take on the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk fable. You will leave the theater entertained. It will not disappoint, as long as you're not expecting an Oscar best film candidate.
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Jack and the Goofball Giant

By MikeMuscato
Written July 28, 2015
The movie was a bit goofy, especially the 2 headed giant. It had a fairly descent plot with some very good actors, but the special effects were really not taken seriously and it shows.
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Good movie but seen better

By NicoyaStyln
Written July 05, 2015
Good movie but not great. Effects were great. I consider this a Redbox movie! Film was good Nice story line I took my two kids, 8 & 4, and they enjoyed it
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Not fun

By Archie Moonshine
Written March 03, 2013
Thought this would be fun and exciting like "Princess Bride", but it was more like a watered down version of "Lord of the Rings". Violent, graphic, lots of characters dying. CGI was mediocre: I saw it in 2D, but it was annoyingly obvious which scenes they wrote to take advantage of the 3D.
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Take it or leave it

By coachkatie93
Written February 27, 2015
However, there are some good special effects that would probably be great in 3-D. Overall-wait for it to come out on Netflix or Redbox.
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