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Awesome twist on a family favorite fairy tale

By mycarvingtree_com
Written September 30, 2014
My family of six loved the movie and declared it a MUST own!
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Not giant hit

By jtrinchillo
Written October 25, 2014
While the movie did have great visuals, and some very good one liners, it was not as good as I had hoped. It was not a $13.50 movie, but would have made a great film on or Netflix.
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Well done retelling of the archetypal Hero's Journey!

By Ob1zenobi
Written September 17, 2014
Very well done. Saw in 3D but would have been just as happy to see it in 2D, it was a timing issue. We all liked it a lot! Great retelling of one of the great mythological themes. It was good to see an updated rendition of this fine classic, they did it very well in our opinion. There were enough plot twists to keep it interesting. I guess the jaded critics never read or watched the late great Joseph Campbell, who taught anthropology at Sara Lawrence & wrote many outstanding volumes including HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, also POWER OF MYTH etc, which was also a PBS video series on Cosmological Archetypes years ago with Bill Moyers interviewing Campbell at the Skywalker Ranch. Some of the most worthwhile work ever done in bringing to life the real importance of the stories such as this, that depict the HERO'S JOURNEY.. When people of all ages forget Legends, folklore & Fairy Tales, they are missing a larger point.
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Fee Fi Fo FUN!

By pedsarq
Written August 23, 2014
What a ride! This is a different kind of Jack v. Giants tail. It's an epic adventure of love and war between man and monster. There are plenty of complications to the simple Jack and the Beanstalk tale to totally entertain the parent while. See if.
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Not too bad! Lots of action and adventure!

By cd_fox48
Written October 01, 2014
This movie wasn't too bad; I did like it as it had lots of action and adventure, especially since it came from a fairytale (Jack and the Beanstalk). The giants were also pretty gruesome and gross looking. The movie ended as a fairytale would end; Jack and the princess got married, had two children, and lived happily ever after. All in all, it was a good movie and I would recommend it for family viewing.
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