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Worth a watch

By liltenou
Written March 05, 2013
My friends and I really liked the movie. Graphics: looked great in IMAX Acting: They all did a great job. I especially liked Jacks performance Not a boring moment, this film is fun for all ages.
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By bahamas1122
Written March 04, 2013
this was a decent movie, not to cheesy, comical however some parts were off with the giant to human ratio but overall really good. tons of action
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Good movie to watch in IMAX 3D.

By JoeOhio
Written March 06, 2013
This movie is not as good a AVATAR..but I like this movie as it is fairy tale base. Graphics are good. Worth watching with your kid of age 10 year old. Simple good family movie
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Great Movie

By Epierson69
Written April 23, 2017
I thought this a great movie. Full of action, great cinematography. Gross stuff for kids. It was however a bit intense for my 9 year old daughter who got scared and dropped her nachos. My 13 year old and 10 year old thought it was awesome.
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Jack the Giant Slayer

By brysmom
Written March 04, 2013
This is one of those movies where the special effects is what you remember, not much else to write about. Acting was so-so. Not very impressed at all. Very disappointing after spending $15.50 to see it
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