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It was fun...

By hyde486
Written June 30, 2016
If there were something between So-So and Go I may have gone that direction. It was good, not great. Well crafted, good performances, clever at times but it never flew. I would have preferred to save myself some cash and see the 2D version but the theater purposely schedules those at ridiculous times and practically force you to drop the $16.50 on the 3D ticket. Very likable though.
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Fun and entertaining

By mtingle
Written March 29, 2017
Lose yourself in a great classic story time adventure. Very entertaining and the 3D effects were impressive. A couple of implied graphic scenes but no blood or guts or any bad language. Lots of good family fun. We loved it.
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Worst movie I have ever seen

By natasset666
Written March 25, 2017
Most of the time i don't write reviews but this is one i think i will I went to see this movie in one of savannahs big d 3d theaters and that's was great but when i sat for a hour and a half just to walkout it was not great i waited and waited for something good to happen and well it never came so if you watch Hansel and Gretal as i did then you will be sad as i was when going to see this a waste of 30 dollars if you ask me best thing to come from the movie was the glasses for my in home 3dtv lol
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By mrsj1534
Written February 19, 2017
It was okay. Was expecting more. When you venture into making classic childhood stories fable etc into a movie, i set the bar even higher than I would a typical movie. I felt that it started off slow and the lack of star power didn't do this movie any favors. There are some scenes that could've been explored better but it just seemed to fall flat in so many places. i felt like scenes were building to great moments then nothing. Additionally "Jack" was incredibly hard to look at and annoyed me for some reason..I can't put my finger on it..maybe I just didn't believe his performance..or maybe there was really nothing about his character to actually believe in..I mean if i have to sit through this with my kid... a little eye candy would be nice...I guess Ewan McGregor was there for that...but he along with the other named actors in this film seem underutilized. Anyway I think it had great potential for both kids and parents to enjoy, but think mostly on kids will be enjoying this one.
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Great Special Effects -

By miwibr333
Written June 26, 2016
I like the special effects of this film- but the acting - so so - and the theme was a little to mature for children- too much violence for young children -
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