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Lots of Action, Great Story Line

By lenrap
Written February 10, 2014
The perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon or anytime. I love action films with an interesting plot and good acting and this movie didn't let me down. Can't wait for the next Jack Ryan sequel, which I am sure is already in the works. If you like the Bourne Identity series you will love Jack Ryan.
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Action Packed

By gilsonrs
Written January 21, 2014
Sat on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. Really enjoyed seeing a prequel to the other movies. I know that this isn't based on one of Clancy's novels, but it was true to the information in those novels except for timeframe. Chris Pine and Kevin Costner were very convincing in their roles. I would recommend for Jack Ryan fans.
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Didn't work

By laura7460
Written February 10, 2014
This movie had possibilities....but it just didn't work. I agree with what other's have said, too much info and too short a period of time, did NOT like Keira's American accent, it was distracting. Also, I kept waiting for some huge plot twist, and it never came. I loved Kevin Costner's character and it was nice to see Kenneth, but that was about it for me.
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By tdbridge
Written February 03, 2014
A well done move with great pace and continuity. Kenneth Branagh does a superlative job as an actor and director! Chris Pine, Kiera Knightly and Kevin Costner turn in great performances. The supporting cast are great as well. As previously stated in another review there is no place to get up during the movie for anything!
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Good action film.

By schwfam1
Written February 03, 2014
Shadow Recruit is a fast paced film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is not a mindless chase fim, but a film that you can engages the viewer in the story.
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