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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

By sltuite
Written January 30, 2014
Really enjoyed this film. The acting was great with each character in complete control of their elements. I believe this is an adult movie because of the maturity content and ability to understand the basis of the story. It is intense at times and keeps your attention held at all times. I felt it a believable story and KC is wonderful as always.
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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

By sks1354
Written January 19, 2014
The awesome cast delivered a power packed performance. Few movies are so good, that they have me so fully immersed in the story that I am moving back and forth in my seat with excitement and anticipation as if I was right there with them. Now THAT's good movie making ! Absolutely a Must Go !!
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Non-stop GO!

By AztecDan
Written January 17, 2014
The action and drama were excellent, continuous, and riveting. Action is very good, keeps you highly involved in what's happening with the characters and the plot. The time line for Jack Ryan doesn't agree with the history given by the Carrier's Captain in "Hunt for Red October", but plausible. Also the time line for the drive from Michigan to New York City is impossible, Having driven that myself, it cannot be done in a normal car in 18 hours. Let alone the heavily loaded van that was supposedly used in the film. The ending is great, feel good ending, and wide open for sequels. I'd rather burst a gasket than get up for the restroom during this movie. GO!
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Chris Pine does Ford and Baldwin Proud

By libbytinsley
Written January 26, 2014
I was hesitant to see this movie as I was a fan of the Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin Jack Ryans, but Chris Pine didn't disappoint. He was the competent yet reluctant hero for whom you pulled the entire movie. Kiera Knightly did a fine job, as well. Her American accent was believable as was her character. The plot, yes, was predictable, but the focus would pull in any American over the age of 16, due to historic reference. Thoroughly enjoyed Kevin Costner, as well. He, astonishingly, provided some of the comic relief. If you enjoy fun action films, go see this one.
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Insult to Injury

By jih1269
Written January 26, 2014
Why is it that Hollywood can't leave well enough alone?!?! The Jack Ryan series was read and liked by so many for what it was, and how Tom Clancy wrote it. AT NO POINT was his wife ever involved. Doesn't that violate the CIA rules??? And please tell me they are not going to try to use his books as bases for further movies in this "reboot"!!! WHY REBOOT WHAT WAS FINE AS IT WAS?!?!?! If you enjoyed the books, and liked the original three movies (The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, and Patriot Games) AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE. Seems that the respect Hollywood has for authors (I'm frightfully reminded of what Hollywood has done to the Ludlum "Bourne" trilogy...) is thrown out the window as soon as the authors die. Makes me think Hollywood should be thrown out the window!
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