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If you are in the mood for senseless violence and ...

By JeffBocaRaton
Written January 20, 2014
If you are in the mood for the geopolitical intrigue spy formula with lots of senseless violence, good or great actors, fantastic scenery, with fast moving action and car chases - this movie is for you. Don't expect any deep philosophical emotions or points - it is what it is.
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Great Cast and Fun Action Movie

By pixiepunch
Written January 20, 2014
I really only went to see this because of the actors involved, since I don't know anything about the Jack Ryan franchise. There were things I would have liked different in the story, which I felt was very black and white for a movie involving international espionage. However, I had a good time. Chris Pine is so handsome, but he's also a great actor and put a lot of soul and emotion into this character. He made the character's genuine distress after having to kill someone for the first time believable, which made him stand apart from the cliche action hero. I was worried that Kiera Knightley's character would be annoying, since that's how a lot of action movies treat female characters. Her initial suspicions were founded, and some of her actions seemed exaggerated, but overall she was cool and did her part. Speaking of women, it was also cool to see several women of color as agents. You never see that in action movies either. Check it out for a fun action movie! And Chris Pine!
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Shadow Recruit

By snlawrence
Written January 26, 2014
Can't go wrong w/ Tom Clancy. That said, the movie had it all in the right proportions: build up, suspense, violence, chase scenes, love angle, and a good antagonist. The movie kept me engaged. Loved the Ryan character--the humble, smart, unwilling hero able to "lock in" and kick butt (liked the former Marine angle) when the stuff hits the fan. Definitely, a Must Go
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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

By GErb892
Written February 21, 2014
My spouse and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It had good action; several spine-tingling exciting scenes, and a decent storyline that wasn't full of foul language. Strongly recommend it for individuals who enjoy action movies.
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Shadow Recruit

By connie87
Written February 09, 2014
My friend and I loved this movie! It did differ a bit from Clancy's novels, and I kept wondering about that until it gave the writers at the end. I knew Clancy had died last year, so it was no surprise that someone else had written this. There were several differences for Clancy fans, the main one being Cathy's involvement in Ryan's activities. The story was thrilling and fast moving. Because of the great cast, as well as the director, I knew it had to be good, and it didn't disappoint. It was sooo refreshing to see a great movie without all of the foul language or gratuitous sex usually present in so many films today! Appreciated!!!
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