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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

By rofaith
Written January 19, 2014
Excellent action... should have developed the relationship between Ryan and his fiance' a bit more... the journey from Afghanistan to CIA recruit was a bit fast, but it worked. Loved the movie.
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The worst CIA movie of all time

By bobboehmer
Written January 17, 2014
Please save your money and time, this piece of garbage posing as a suspense CIA thriller. The dialogue was even stupid and childish. And they made the Russians the bad guys complete with a van full of explosives with a timer counting down to zero. Boy, I never saw that one before. I was hoping for a new series of good Jack Ryan movies, this one stunk, I hope there are no sequels.
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Don't be left in the Shadows - Go See this Fun Movie!

By rocky balboa
Written January 27, 2014
Enjoyable and Thrilling! GREAT acting by Kevin Costner, who really saved this movie and gave it a lot of "credibility" ... Chris Pine also did a really good job and I would like to see him in this role again - besides he is beautiful to look at! The movie could have had more depth plot wise, and although it is not the same caliber as Borne Identity or James Bond - it is worth seeing!
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No comparison to genuine Tom Clancy books/movies.

By psmboulder
Written January 22, 2014
I was looking for an action movie as a diversion and something to do with my son, so having already seen Lone Survivor, I picked Jack Ryan. The first warning should be when the title contains a colon. Somehow this always equates to a film that is so weak that the producers try to make up for it by explaining in the title. Or a film that is like an episode in a TV series. We can expect Jack Ryan: Pinstripe Operative next. The action in the movie was mediocre. It tried to be like the Bourne movies but failed. It was not believable that Jack could overpower his adversaries, so they just moved the camera around a lot. The dialogue was so poor I could have written it over dinner before the movie. The romance was so oversimplified and cliched that I truly felt the characters deserved each other. Maybe Jack should have been cheating on his girlfriend. Maybe it would have been interesting to make his girlfriend an agent for the bad guys. The premise of the plot was absurd. Don't go.
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full of action and fun

By hambusiness
Written January 18, 2014
Great movie, lots of fun, with non stop action. Go see this movie as you will NOT be sorry you did. Great acting to from each actor and actress.
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