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Go for a good action movie not as a Clancy fan.

By edrld
Written January 18, 2014
It is an action packed movie. Chris Pine did a good job as Jack Ryan. More Harrison Ford like then Alec Baldwin or Ben Affleck. It was Clancy style intrigue with the bad guys having a complicated plan but it left the Clancy timeline and there were some oddities. Jack Ryan did not go to grad school in London and definitely not in 2001. If you are a Clancy fan don't go to see a Clancy movie go to see an action movie.
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Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit

By mlutgen
Written January 18, 2014
The theme would have been more modern day by having China as the country hacking into America's banking system/Wall Street. China would not have blown up Wall Street however as their piracy would have been clandestine as they sell too many products to American customers.
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Good entertainment

By rastover1967
Written February 07, 2014
Sometimes I just go to the movies to veg and be swept away for a coupla hours and that is just what this movie delivered. I do love the action and suspense that only Jack Ryan movies can provide. I love Chris Pine playing Jack. It does make me chuckle a little that Jack Ryan deifies all laws of aging but hey it's just a movie right. Keira Knightly not a big fan. She makes talking like an American very painful. I find myself watching her mouth looking for all the weird ways she moves it. I would definitely recommend this movie
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Action & Intelligence

By rwhfc
Written February 12, 2014
Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this film...not a dull moment. There was action along with some violence, but not gory and not profane. An intellegent script that did not talk down to the audience. Magnificent backgrounds in Russia. Hope this is the first of many for Chris Pine and Keira Knightly. rwhfc
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Wow, who needs anyone other than Jack Ryan?

By John186
Written January 30, 2014
Too cliche. Too poorly thought out. A super undercover CIA operative who works hard to ,keep his true identity hidden decides to disclose it to his girlfriend who just happens to fly over to Russia to surprise him? Ludicrous. It gets worse. He then is left but one choice; include his girlfriend into his plot to infiltrate and steal financial information from a Russian mobster that has plans to bring down the entire world economy. They are able to successfully accomplish that mission, but now he must race home from Moscow to thwart a huge terrorist event; again tided to tjoe evil Russians. Singlehandedly Ryan is able to deduct the plot, despite the entire NSA, FBI and CIA working on it. I won't ruin the rest of this really inane movie; suffice it to say, it only gets worse.
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