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By westribe4
Written January 20, 2014
This was quite an "edge of your seat" thriller. Chris Pine is perfect in the resurrected role as Jack Ryan, playing it with just enough hesitation and naivety to believe he is an untested CIA agent. Enough chemistry for the paring with Kierra Knightly, although she isn't who I would have picked for the part of Cathy. The real standout I though was Kenneth Brannaugh, whose portrayal as the evil Russian was quite intimidating. The only slightly unbelievable part was the car chase through Moscow by a novice, but it added nicely to the suspense. Definitely worth the money.
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A perfectly Paves Thriller

By nelsenwitt
Written January 18, 2014
The biggest reason I love a Tom Clancy novel is its pacing. This movie does the same thing. The pacing here is fast and interesting. Yes, one could say it it like evey other thriller. But this one simply does not slow down. Even once. From start to finish it is moving and moving fast. I would put this as the best thriller we have had in a long time. Go see it. Especially if you are a Tom Clancy fan. It feels identical to his novels.
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Shadow Recruit

By doconnelltowsonedu
Written January 27, 2014
This was a pretty good suspense movie. Some of it seemed a little far-fetched but it's a movie, right? Kevin Costner was awesome in the movie as well as Kenneth Branagh.
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Excellent movie

By theknoxtree
Written January 26, 2014
Really great movie. Fast paced, edge of your seat action and not too long. It was just as long as it needed to be without adding any fluff. Great for a date movie since both my boyfriend and I liked it.
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Good entertainment

By rastover1967
Written February 07, 2014
Sometimes I just go to the movies to veg and be swept away for a coupla hours and that is just what this movie delivered. I do love the action and suspense that only Jack Ryan movies can provide. I love Chris Pine playing Jack. It does make me chuckle a little that Jack Ryan deifies all laws of aging but hey it's just a movie right. Keira Knightly not a big fan. She makes talking like an American very painful. I find myself watching her mouth looking for all the weird ways she moves it. I would definitely recommend this movie
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