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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

By NSF78
Written January 25, 2014
This Movie Was A Good Thriller. Great Weekend Movie To See. Kevin Costner & Chris Pine Nailed This Movie Thay Where Amazing Together. I'm So Happy That Kevin Costner Is Finally Back. And Just As Good As Ever. Keira Knightley Had A Great Roll In The Movie. Cz The Way That Thing's Played Out You Didn't See It Coming. This Movie Is A Must Go See
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TheCineBros rating

By TheCineBros
Written January 29, 2014
The Review of - #JackRyan: Shadow Recruit "Trust no one” especially the critics that say this was a highly entertaining movie. This movie was very well marketed and it had the potential to be a solid reboot to a well known series. Chris Pine played the role of Jack Ryan pretty well, no complaints. Jack Ryan, alongside of his recruiter Thomas Harper (Kevin Costner) were by far the strongest parts of this film. The biggest problem with the film was the character development. Especially between the story (love-ish story) of Jack and Cathy (Keira Knightley). The direction of the film (Director Kenneth Branagh) and editing definitely had a negative impact on this story as a whole. For an Action/Drama/Thriller, the terrorist attack idea was a fairly fresh concept, but was turned into a pretty generic terrorist plot due to it’s poor execution. ***
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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

By Toobuku
Written January 26, 2014
This was like watching Jack Bauer back in action! I was a big '24' viewer and this movie reminded me of that. I loved it and if you enjoyed '24' as much as I did, you are going to love it too!
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A Tom Clancy Movie will always be great.

By biggerjohn
Written February 02, 2014
Chris Pine is the next action hero in Hollywood. The flow of this movie was great and the action scene's well done. To say the least this is a must see movie which my wife and I call superb. Can't wait to see the next Jack Ryan movie.
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By Rhonda12
Written January 21, 2014
This movie is great action. Chris Pines is a great actor. Cudos to all the actors and actresses who will make this movie a big hit. The plot it not what you think it is. I love the action and adventure. This is a movie for the entire family to go to see.
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