Jack Reacher

By helixthekat
Written May 25, 2016
Critics are retards! They didn't like it because the movie moves a half-step faster than you can figure it out. LOTS OF FUN! And it's very lame to say that it's a cross between the Bourne movies (of which the last one was stupid and forgettable) and the James Bond movie (of which Skyfall stands alone as work of art and a dark, emotional movie ). So yeah, go, and spend a little money to see at a good theater with a GOOD sound system.
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Very Good adaptation

By onihuawanshu
Written January 29, 2015
I see the trailer around 2 months ago and begun to check the books, and the movie take many essence of the character and transfer very good to the story line and the practical jokes are over the top. I feel very satisfied with the movie.
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I think Cruise is done being the tough guy

By theliedtkes
Written June 27, 2016
Let me start by saying that I am not crazy about Cruise. That being said, I went with an open mind. I mean, I enjoyed the MI movies......this movie just didn't make it past average for me. They dwelled on the character of Jack Reacher more than they did the plot. They didn't develop the story well. I know we will see more Jack Reacher movies coming out........I just won't be spending my money on them.
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This isa Great Movie with a Story line that seemed TRUE.

By LetsGo2TheMoviesNow
Written February 10, 2016
Great Story Line! The CASTING WAS PERFECT! I Love this movie! Tom always gives PERFECT performances in his military/ex military roles!!! I lovem seeing your "daddy eyes" when talking to "Sandy"!!. All Actors in this Movie played their roles perfectly!!!!
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Cuise as Reacher, not a match

By brackolli
Written August 01, 2015
Read the book and series and really enjoyed it. While they followed the story well, Reacher's power and strength comes from his understanding of his very large size and how to control and use it effectively. Having the shortest guy in the movie try to convince you that he is that tough by looking at him (and why need 5 guys to go after him if he is so short in stature? - not believable). Can't believe one punch from him could knock someone out in the same way as one bad guy twice his size, and have the audience believe it, insults our intelligence. Let's not wreck the book or Jack Reacher's reputation and find a real actor that actually reflects the character. Why Childs ever allowed this change in character or role selection, if he had anything to say about it, is a mystery. There had to be a better choice of actors who would better reflect the real Jack Reacher.
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