Cuise as Reacher, not a match

By brackolli
Written December 23, 2012
Read the book and series and really enjoyed it. While they followed the story well, Reacher's power and strength comes from his understanding of his very large size and how to control and use it effectively. Having the shortest guy in the movie try to convince you that he is that tough by looking at him (and why need 5 guys to go after him if he is so short in stature? - not believable). Can't believe one punch from him could knock someone out in the same way as one bad guy twice his size, and have the audience believe it, insults our intelligence. Let's not wreck the book or Jack Reacher's reputation and find a real actor that actually reflects the character. Why Childs ever allowed this change in character or role selection, if he had anything to say about it, is a mystery. There had to be a better choice of actors who would better reflect the real Jack Reacher.
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Well Done

Written December 22, 2012
It isn't exactly the real Jack Reacher with a 5'8" actor portraying him, and some of his philosophizing was off key, but it's a high quality production with a good cast and script. As usual, the book is better than the movie but it's good enough that we're sure to see future editions. You're not going to recognize Lee Child in his cameo role based on his photo in the books. He has aged considerably from when the picture was taken, but it still was a nice touch to have him in it. No Reacher fan should pass this up.
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Decent Action Flick

By MedRed
Written December 25, 2012
The first 45 minutes of Jack Reacher are really awkward. There's a healthy helping of bad cheese and leaps of faith to put together plot devices. Later, the movie switches from mostly dimwitted and corny to very clever. The action is great and the violence squeezes every inch of its PG-13 rating. Jack Reacher is playful all along. I was impressed by the one liners and wit of the namesake character. The majority of his quips are fresh and don't come off as cliche´. Tom Cruise then nails the delivery. The score is out of place in this movie. The movie is playful, yet the score is very serious. The score seems in direct contrast to the movie in a way that comes off as comical. Jack Reacher is equal parts fun/smart and predictable/cheesy. It's a good watch that I'd give a B-. I don't know if there was enough there to get me to read the books though. I've decided I'd like to connect with more people on Fandago. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Great Thriller

By Go_Bruckie
Written December 22, 2012
I've read all the Reacher books, and Cruise nailed it, even though his stature is less then the character in the book. Cameo by the author was cool as well. Great characters in the movie. You've got to see this movie!
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By YAtitle
Written January 02, 2013
The timing of the release of this movie due to current events hurts it's appeal. The opening was uncomfortable because of this, but the acting and plot quickly got me past this. I found myself involved and entertained. Action, mystery and deep message. Just an entertaining release from the daily worries.
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