Over acted-heavy handed predictable story

By B4uleap
Written December 24, 2012
Good grief...I actually laughed out loud multiple times. So heavy handed in the directing, and acting it was awful. I actually use to like Tom cruise, but this was a real mess. Don't waste your money on theater tickets.
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Great Action

Written December 21, 2012
It was a great film. Good adapation of the book; excellent distillation of the material. I think Paul Bettany would have been a truer physical depiction of the character (Reacher is 6'4" in book), but I loved it anyway.
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By hjshae
Written October 11, 2013
So good and addicting
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Not Bad

By adnet
Written January 05, 2013
Went to see this while my wife and daughter went to a chick flick. Good story with good action. Typical bad ***ex-military guy that can handle any situation. Not a Jason Bourne but very watchable.
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Much better than I expected

By Rainman1230
Written July 29, 2014
Went to see Jack Reacher because Le Miserables was sold out and I was pleasantly surprised. The film was very entertaining, loaded with action and funny moments. I was glad that I went to watch it to cap off a nice Christmas gathering with the family. I understand that this is a series of books so I will definitely be interested in watching future Jack Reacher films.
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