By hjshae
Written October 11, 2013
So good and addicting
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Thats a Movie

By rxeno
Written August 29, 2014
Yup This is a really enjoyable, action packed and good movie. Straight out of the text books, I think he even wore the Top Gun Jacket :) Go and see this movie.
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Cruise is good in part

By wwowkath
Written September 18, 2014
I have read all the Lee Child's/Reacher books so I went in with my idea of Reacher firmly in my mind . It was not Tom Cruise. HOWEVER, he did a very good job and I thought the movie stayed pretty true to the book. Being from Pittsburgh I enjoyed seeing how our city was incorporated into the movie and again thought it was an excellent job. Thoroughly enjoyed my night at the movies and I would say GO SEE it!. Plus can we have another one of Child's Reacher books made for movies!!!
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Surprisingly Great

By bgtodd01
Written September 19, 2014
We went to see it thinking it would just be another blow 'em up, shooting, action flick. But the story and plot was riveting. Plus, the action was great too. Loved it and its a must see.
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Lee Child Fan

By beachcomber27949
Written September 19, 2014
I've been a Jack Reacher fan for several years. I think the movie with Tom Cruise captured the essence of the character and did a good job of presenting the novel, "One Shot." For Reacher fans, getting past the physical differences between Tom Cruise and the Lee Child character is the only stretch, so to speak, since Lee Child gave Jack Reacher a height of 6'5" and a strong build to go with it. There was plenty of action, a plot that pulled the thinking fan into the movie and characters that were developed well enough to keep me engaged in the twists of the plot. In the season of so many releases, I think Jack Reacher is well worth seeing on the big screen.
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