Mystery suspense action character

By Wandmaster
Written January 06, 2013
if you liked the books, you will like the movie, which portrays Reacher as fans of Lee Child's novels know him (yes, Cruise is too small, but he pulls it off well). A well done, well paced, well filmed well plotted mystery suspense story, with interesting characters. Robert Duvall does a nice turn as a retired Marine Gunny and Cruise brings Reacher to life in as credible a way as can be done for such an incredible character.
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Miscast makes it just a go

By krutolow
Written January 02, 2013
I like Tom Cruise but to anyone following Jack Reacher since book one knows he's just not Reacher. Reacher is more like a modern day Paul Bunyon sized character who lead a life of arresting drunk Special Forces soldiers, among other things. I thought the acting was fine and the story was good but there was just a disconnect. Lee Child was great as the shrugging desk sergeant!!
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Jack Reacher

By tarboxdm
Written January 07, 2013
Having read a few of the books with a much larger Jack Reacher, I was skeptical about Tom Cruise playing the part. But, he pulls it off quite well. He is arrogrant and over confident and that is what the part called for. It had enough subtle humor in it to get a few loud laughs from the audience. I would go to see the next in a series of Reacher movies if that is the plan. My wife thought it moved along well and kept our attention. D + M
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Action Movie 101

By onlygoodmovies4me
Written December 30, 2012
Excellent story, great acting... a very enjoyable experience! It's a non-agenda film... a nice change from the inconvient anti-fracking, gun control movies Hollywood normally puts out. Go see it... you'll be glad you did!
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Great Movie Probably bad Timing

By n.whittle
Written December 31, 2012
We loved the movie unfortunately it was released in the middle of the Christmas Holiday Season when most people are taking their children to the movies and might choose the hobbit instead. Violent but not out of control and not graphic. I liked that fight seens didn't last forever like some movies. I'm looking forward to reading the books now.
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