Action Packed and Entertaining

By kamikazekazuo
Written January 06, 2013
The quotes on this trailer are merely stating exactly what you're looking for. This is a movie that has good suspense with a great story. The action is amazing and it leaves you with a satisfaction with each action scene. This was not only entertaining but I found it very comical and fun to watch. I watched it on a date and we both enjoyed it.
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Happend to go with friends but was not originally going to watch. Pleasantly surprised.

By wonder_chimp
Written January 20, 2013
Ok ok I was one of those that was making fun of the trailers and had not desire to actually watch. Some friends were going so I just went along. Boy was I wrong. This movies was actually pretty interesting and at times gripping. Tom Cruise pulled off a really interesting character in this. Former military and lives off the radar but has his own strong moral sense of right from wrong. The investigative sequences were pretty interesting and the cast was ok. Overall had pretty interested through the caper. Some of the fighting sequences were predictive while others were really cool, tense, and at times funny. Overall I liked it and was definitely worth watching on the big screen.
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Jack Reacher

By geo44
Written January 21, 2013
I liked the movie very much, I was not happy with some of the lanuage, The lanuage using God's name was not called for, other words could have been used with out taking away from the moive.Other than that I think all other parts were very good
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Tom Cruise IS Jack Reacher

By tillotso1
Written December 25, 2012
As Lee Child said, Tom Cruise captures Jack Reacher completely. I hope this becomes a franchise and there are many more to come. I couldn't find anything to complaim about with this film.
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Much better than I expected

By Rainman1230
Written December 26, 2012
Went to see Jack Reacher because Le Miserables was sold out and I was pleasantly surprised. The film was very entertaining, loaded with action and funny moments. I was glad that I went to watch it to cap off a nice Christmas gathering with the family. I understand that this is a series of books so I will definitely be interested in watching future Jack Reacher films.
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