Jack Noseworthy

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Kelly McGillis Tio Papi
2009 Bruce Willis Surrogates
2009 Ving Rhames Surrogates
2009 James Cromwell Surrogates
2008 William Sanderson Pretty Ugly People
2008 Allison Janney Pretty Ugly People
2006 Eric Roberts Phat Girlz
2005 Rose McGowan Elvis
2005 Randy Quaid Elvis
2005 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Elvis
2004 Karen Allen Poster Boy
2004 Michael Lerner Poster Boy
2002 Lynn Redgrave Unconditional Love
2002 Jonathan Pryce Unconditional Love
2002 Peter Sarsgaard Unconditional Love
2002 Dan Aykroyd Unconditional Love
2002 Richard Briers Unconditional Love
2002 Kathy Bates Unconditional Love
2002 Rupert Everett Unconditional Love
2002 Dave Chappelle Undercover Brother
2000 Roseanne Cecil B. Demented
2000 Eric Roberts Cecil B. Demented
2000 Melanie Griffith Cecil B. Demented
2000 Stephen Dorff Cecil B. Demented
2000 Ricki Lake Cecil B. Demented
2000 John Waters Cecil B. Demented
2000 Maggie Gyllenhaal Cecil B. Demented
2000 Wings Hauser The Clean and Narrow
2000 Sondra Locke The Clean and Narrow
2000 Harvey Keitel U-571
2000 David Keith U-571
2000 Matthew McConaughey U-571
2000 Bill Paxton U-571
1999 Fred Willard Idle Hands
1999 Seth Green Idle Hands
1999 Tara Reid Murder at Devil's Glen
1999 Rick Schroder Murder at Devil's Glen
1999 Sean Patrick Thomas The Sterling Chase
1997 Kurt Russell Breakdown
1997 Kathleen Quinlan Breakdown
1997 J.T. Walsh Breakdown
1997 Sam Neill Event Horizon
1997 Jason Isaacs Event Horizon
1997 Laurence Fishburne Event Horizon
1997 Kathleen Quinlan Event Horizon
1997 Joely Richardson Event Horizon
1996 Clint Howard Barb Wire
1996 Tony Bill Barb Wire
1996 Temuera Morrison Barb Wire
1996 Udo Kier Barb Wire
1995 Shelley Long The Brady Bunch Movie
1995 Gary Cole [act] The Brady Bunch Movie
1995 Florence Henderson The Brady Bunch Movie
1995 Michael McKean The Brady Bunch Movie
1995 Jean Smart The Brady Bunch Movie
1994 Sissy Spacek A Place for Annie
1994 David Spielberg A Place for Annie
1994 Mary-Louise Parker A Place for Annie
1994 Joan Plowright A Place for Annie
1994 Reese Witherspoon S.F.W.
1994 Tobey Maguire S.F.W.
1994 Stephen Dorff S.F.W.
1994 Jake Busey S.F.W.
1994 Natasha Gregson Wagner S.F.W.
1993 Illeana Douglas Alive
1993 Ethan Hawke Alive
1993 John Malkovich Alive
1993 Josh Lucas Alive
1993 Vincent Spano Alive
1992 Sean Astin Encino Man
1992 Richard Masur Encino Man
1992 Rose McGowan Encino Man
1992 Mariette Hartley Encino Man
1992 Brendan Fraser Encino Man
1992 Anne Bancroft Mrs. Cage
1992 Hector Elizondo Mrs. Cage
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