An important contribution to women's history

By biedermanm
Written January 21, 2017
This is an intelligent film that explores Jacqueline Kennedy's contributions without relying on campy fashion references, as I feared it would. Her 1961 televised tour of the White House could easily have fallen victory to mockery; by today's standards, it was awkward and stilted. Instead, the director of this film shows the tour's value in connecting the public with the presidency. After her husband's assassination, Jackie called on her knowledge of history and culture to plan a funeral procession that left America with an indelible sense of the tragedy. Woman-centered and respectful of its female protagonist, this movie is important.
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If Nov 23 troubles you every year avoid this movie.

By tkearns844
Written January 18, 2017
I walked out after 30 minutes. I didn't realize it was all about the assasination. Very up close, very bloody. If you were affected by the assasination you should avoid this.
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Powerful and Moving

By AvrmGeller
Written January 08, 2017
Extremely well done recreation of critical time in American history. Genuine and extraordinarily moving performance by Natalie Portman. A masterpiece of the art of biography. We are still in mourning for our loss, forever mourning. Now more than ever.
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Great acting but the movie is just okay

By See-A-Lot
Written January 08, 2017
Natalie Portman really looks like and sounds like Jackie. She is terrific. The movie is not about Jackie's life. It only covers the days from JFK's death to the funeral (with a few flashbacks). After a while, the script gets repetitious.
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By Ron_Dahan
Written January 08, 2017
And the Oscar for Best actress go to....Natalie Portman
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