Jack Hollander

Worked With

Year Name Title
1980 Woody Allen Stardust Memories
1980 Sharon Stone Stardust Memories
1980 Jack Rollins Stardust Memories
1980 Daniel Stern Stardust Memories
1980 Tony Roberts Stardust Memories
1980 Jessica Harper Stardust Memories
1980 Marie-Christine Barrault Stardust Memories
1980 Charlotte Rampling Stardust Memories
1980 Louise Lasser Stardust Memories
1979 Al Pacino ...And Justice for All
1979 Sam Levene ...And Justice for All
1979 Joe Morton ...And Justice for All
1979 Craig T. Nelson ...And Justice for All
1979 Dominic Chianese ...And Justice for All
1979 Keith Andes ...And Justice for All
1979 Christine Lahti ...And Justice for All
1979 John Forsythe ...And Justice for All
1979 Jeffrey Tambor ...And Justice for All
1979 Lee Strasberg ...And Justice for All
1979 Charles Siebert ...And Justice for All
1979 Jack Warden ...And Justice for All
1979 Alan Bates The Rose
1979 Jack Starrett The Rose
1979 Bette Midler The Rose
1979 Harry Dean Stanton The Rose
1979 Frederic Forrest The Rose
1979 David Keith The Rose
1977 David Margulies Kojak: Monkey on a String
1976 James Keach Death Play
1976 James Noble Death Play
1976 George O'Hanlon Rocky
1976 Burt Young Rocky
1976 Sylvester Stallone Rocky
1976 Lloyd Kaufman Rocky
1976 Bill Baldwin Rocky
1976 Talia Shire Rocky
1976 Burgess Meredith Rocky
1976 Carl Weathers Rocky
1974 William Redfield For Pete's Sake
1974 Anne Ramsey For Pete's Sake
1974 Joe Pantoliano For Pete's Sake
1974 Molly Picon For Pete's Sake
1974 Estelle Parsons For Pete's Sake
1974 Michael Sarrazin For Pete's Sake
1974 Sidney Miller For Pete's Sake
1974 Barbra Streisand For Pete's Sake
1974 Vincent Schiavelli For Pete's Sake
1974 Peter Mamakos For Pete's Sake
1974 Louis Zorich For Pete's Sake
1973 Barbara Babcock Bang the Drum Slowly
1973 Robert De Niro Bang the Drum Slowly
1973 Ann Wedgeworth Bang the Drum Slowly
1973 Michael Moriarty Bang the Drum Slowly
1973 Vincent Gardenia Bang the Drum Slowly
1973 Danny Aiello Bang the Drum Slowly
1971 Kim Hunter Jennifer on My Mind
1971 Erich Segal Jennifer on My Mind
1971 Chuck McCann Jennifer on My Mind
1971 Renée Taylor Jennifer on My Mind
1971 Robert De Niro Jennifer on My Mind
1971 Barry Bostwick Jennifer on My Mind
1962 Patty Duke The Miracle Worker
1962 Anne Bancroft The Miracle Worker
1962 Beah Richards The Miracle Worker
1962 Victor Jory The Miracle Worker
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