Jack Hobbs
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1893

Worked With

Year Name Title
1940 Eliot Makeham It's in the Air
1940 O.B. Clarence It's in the Air
1938 Anthony Holles Miracles Do Happen
1938 Bruce Seton Miracles Do Happen
1938 Michael Ripper Miracles Do Happen
1937 Francis L. Sullivan Fine Feathers
1937 Moore Marriott Intimate Relations
1937 Sandy Powell Leave It to Me
1937 John Stuart The Show Goes On
1937 Frederick Leister The Show Goes On
1937 Andrea Malandrinos The Show Goes On
1937 Lawrence Hanray The Show Goes On
1937 Boyd "Red" Morgan The Show Goes On
1937 Max Adrian When the Devil Was Well
1937 Michael Ripper Why Pick on Me?
1937 Max Adrian Why Pick on Me?
1936 Martita Hunt The Interrupted Honeymoon
1936 Wally Patch The Interrupted Honeymoon
1936 Francis L. Sullivan The Interrupted Honeymoon
1936 Anthony Holles Millions
1936 Gordon Harker Millions
1935 John Mills Car of Dreams
1935 James Finlayson Handle with Care
1934 James Finlayson Oh No Doctor!
1932 Gus McNaughton His Wife's Mother
1932 Gus McNaughton The Last Coupon
1932 Binnie Barnes The Last Coupon
1931 Robert Douglas Dr. Josser Kc
1931 Binnie Barnes Dr. Josser Kc
1931 Dennis Hoey Love Lies
1931 Binnie Barnes Love Lies
1931 Dennis Hoey Never Trouble Trouble
1931 George Dewhurst Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Merle Oberon Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Wally Patch Never Trouble Trouble
1931 Lupino Lane Never Trouble Trouble
1924 Brian Aherne The Eleventh Commandment
1922 George Dewhurst The Crimson Circle
1922 Victor McLaglen The Crimson Circle
1920 C. Aubrey Smith The Face at the Window
1920 Dorothy Mackaill The Face at the Window
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