Jack Buchanan
Date of Birth
Apr 02, 1890
Birth Place:
Glasgow, Scotland

Worked With

Year Name Title
1956 Martine Carol The French, They Are a Funny Race
1955 Joan Sims As Long As They're Happy
1955 Janette Scott As Long As They're Happy
1955 Norman Wisdom As Long As They're Happy
1955 Nigel Green As Long As They're Happy
1955 Diana Dors As Long As They're Happy
1955 Hattie Jacques As Long As They're Happy
1955 Brenda de Banzie As Long As They're Happy
1955 Glynis Johns Josephine and Men
1955 Heather Thatcher Josephine and Men
1955 Thorley Walters Josephine and Men
1955 Peter Finch Josephine and Men
1955 John Le Mesurier Josephine and Men
1955 Sam Kydd Josephine and Men
1955 Victor Maddern Josephine and Men
1955 Wally Patch Josephine and Men
1955 Laurence Naismith Josephine and Men
1953 Bess Flowers The Band Wagon
1953 Al Hill The Band Wagon
1953 Thurston Hall The Band Wagon
1953 Cyd Charisse The Band Wagon
1953 Ava Gardner The Band Wagon
1953 Nanette Fabray The Band Wagon
1953 Julie Newmar The Band Wagon
1953 Fred Astaire The Band Wagon
1953 Oscar Levant The Band Wagon
1953 Betty Farrington The Band Wagon
1953 Frank Scannell The Band Wagon
1953 Bobby Watson The Band Wagon
1953 Herb Vigran The Band Wagon
1941 Edward Peil Sr. Penny Serenade
1941 Adrian Morris Penny Serenade
1941 Eddie Laughton Penny Serenade
1941 John Tyrrell Penny Serenade
1941 Grady Sutton Penny Serenade
1941 Walter Soderling Penny Serenade
1941 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Penny Serenade
1941 Cary Grant Penny Serenade
1941 Beulah Bondi Penny Serenade
1941 Billy Bevan Penny Serenade
1941 Bess Flowers Penny Serenade
1941 Ann Doran Penny Serenade
1941 Edgar Buchanan Penny Serenade
1941 Irene Dunne Penny Serenade
1940 Googie Withers Bulldog Sees It Through
1940 Greta Gynt Bulldog Sees It Through
1940 Ronald Shiner Bulldog Sees It Through
1940 Robert Newton Bulldog Sees It Through
1939 Gibb McLaughlin Break the News
1939 Wally Patch Break the News
1939 George "Gabby" Hayes Break the News
1939 Guy Middleton Break the News
1939 Maurice Chevalier Break the News
1939 Felix Aylmer Break the News
1939 Googie Withers The Gang's All Here
1939 Ronald Shiner The Gang's All Here
1939 Edward Everett Horton The Gang's All Here
1939 Otto Kruger The Gang's All Here
1939 Martita Hunt The Middle Watch
1939 Greta Gynt The Middle Watch
1939 Ronald Shiner The Middle Watch
1939 Bruce Seton The Middle Watch
1937 Andrea Malandrinos The Sky's the Limit
1937 Anthony Holles The Sky's the Limit
1937 Wally Patch The Sky's the Limit
1937 Edward Lexy Smash and Grab
1937 Lawrence Hanray Smash and Grab
1937 Anthony Holles Smash and Grab
1936 Anthony Holles This'll Make You Whistle
1936 Martita Hunt When Knights Were Bold
1936 Fay Wray When Knights Were Bold
1936 Moore Marriott When Knights Were Bold
1936 Robert Horton When Knights Were Bold
1935 Anthony Holles Brewster's Millions
1935 Lawrence Hanray Brewster's Millions
1935 Dennis Hoey Brewster's Millions
1935 Fay Wray Come out of the Pantry
1935 Ben Welden Come out of the Pantry
1933 Anthony Holles That's a Good Girl
1933 Anna Lee Yes, Mr. Brown
1932 Anna Neagle Magic Night
1932 O.B. Clarence Magic Night
1932 Gibb McLaughlin Magic Night
1930 Billy Bevan Monte Carlo
1930 Frances Dee Monte Carlo
1930 John Carroll Monte Carlo
1930 Jeanette MacDonald Monte Carlo
1930 ZaSu Pitts Monte Carlo
1930 Rolfe Sedan Monte Carlo
1929 Lucille Ball Bulldog Drummond
1929 Heather Angel Bulldog Drummond
1929 Joan Bennett Bulldog Drummond
1929 Montagu Love Bulldog Drummond
1929 Charles Sellon Bulldog Drummond
1929 Lilyan Tashman Bulldog Drummond
1929 Ronald Colman Bulldog Drummond
1929 ZaSu Pitts Paris
1929 Ben Turpin Show of Shows
1929 Lila Lee Show of Shows
1929 Loretta Young Show of Shows
1929 Myrna Loy Show of Shows
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Show of Shows
1929 Ann Sothern Show of Shows
1929 H.B. Warner Show of Shows
1929 Lois Wilson Show of Shows
1929 Sally O'Neil Show of Shows
1929 Alice White Show of Shows
1929 Chester Morris Show of Shows
1929 Dolores Costello Show of Shows
1929 Viola Dana Show of Shows
1929 Mary Astor Show of Shows
1929 Hans Conried Show of Shows
1929 Louise Fazenda Show of Shows
1929 Monte Blue Show of Shows
1929 Hobart Bosworth Show of Shows
1929 Shirley Mason Show of Shows
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Show of Shows
1929 Frank Morgan Show of Shows
1929 Tully Marshall Show of Shows
1929 John Barrymore Show of Shows
1929 Richard Barthelmess Show of Shows
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Show of Shows
1928 Moore Marriott Toni
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