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Jackass 3 in 2D Synopsis
Johnny Knoxville and his pals perform more outrageous pranks and stunts.

Movie Reviews

Must see!

By rydonXfrerard
must see for all fans of the first two jackass movies!!!...

Pointless, stupid movie Worst of all Jacksasses!!!!

By scmack
Love watching Jackass movies but I hated this movie, waste of money and time to go see this. Wanted my money back after watching it for 10 minutes! Too many things in 3-D that we could not see in...


By Anthonyc29
love the movie sense the first one cant get enough!...


By timmyreed86
Movie was hilarious. Definitely the most graphic one in regards to usage of poop and peeing and wieners, but just made it more funny. Some of the poop scenes could get some people feelin a little...

Worthless Crap!

By Aerospace747
These guys are so freaking stupid, out of their mind, no lives at all, nothing better to do, dont waste your money or time watching this filthy, nasty, sick, pathethic movie. Dont watch it, its not...

Good, But Not Great

By JimBurrows
As an avid fan of the entire Jackass series, I can admit I went into the theater with high expectations. With the first two movies, however, my expectations were exceeded. Unfortunately, Jackass 3...

Paranormal Activity 2

By LaurieLPhoto
This movie was just as good as the first one, and I truly liked it. Kind of slow in the beginning, but I guess that's needed to set the stage. Good scenes that make you think this stuff really...


By diana2jen
I thought the movie was funny, just needed some more of the old school jacksass it seemes like there wasnt enough jokes and all though it was funny i thiink it could have been a little bit longer and...

Is this the end?

By nichirensman
Well, I liked Jackass III, but I like the type of sick humor portrayed in that kind of movie. Having said that JA III was a quite a bit more toward the cruel and perhaps harsh in a number of...


By mlicairac
I laughed so hard in this Jackass movie, but they really outdid themselves at times. There was one part in the movie where I just had to look away b/c I myself started to gag. Other scenes after that,...

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Rated R | For For male nudity, extremely crude and dangerous stunts throughout and for language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says More stupid stunts and cruel pranks -- this time in 3-D.
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