It's Jackass 3D. See it.

By Luke902
Written October 21, 2010
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Non-stop laughter!

By jdbayse
Written October 17, 2010
I loved this movie. I went and saw the midnight showing and it definitely lived up to the hype. I laughed the entire time and I will be going back to watch again and buying the DVD. Go see it!
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Best Jackass yet

By mwgnetway
Written October 18, 2010
And the best 3D use yet...
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Absolutely Hilarious..If you have a barf bag handy.

By musicman1848
Written October 19, 2010
Never a theme that is popular with the critics, Jackass 3D delivers on its promise to make each theater goer cringe in pain, laugh to tears, and heave in disgust. The movie leaves you wondering just how much longer these guys can put their bodies through this much torture. The 3D version is interesting as well as possibly a mistake to partake in considering the fact that the majority of items that are most evident in 3D are fecal matter, or bodly fluids. You have been warned. Leave the kids at home for this if I had to tell you.
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So Amazing!!!

By mojoest
Written October 19, 2010
Totally on par with the previous to movies. If you love Jackass, you WILL love this movie!
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