Jack and Jill review

By sam'spirateprincess
Written November 12, 2011
A very good family movie! The entire family laughed and found the movie very entertaining. I thought it would be weird seeing Adam Sandler as a woman but he pulled it off very well.
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Critics see to many movies....

By Dawn4
Written November 12, 2011
I think critics forget why many people go to the movies. Sometimes you just want to laugh and enjoy yourself. The theater I was at was almost full and from the sound of it most of the people really enjoyed this movie. Lots of laughs and fun. Don't listen to the critics, see it..
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Something Different

By camaywhite05
Written November 12, 2011
This movie was great for families. It was great seeing a movie for once that didn't have any cursing or foul subject matter in it. This movie was something different to see, its not a normal movie that you see these days. The twin thing is great and its so awesome how one man can play both parts so well. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and he was definitely 95% of the movie. I wasn't a huge fan of the role Al Pacino played in this movie, but it all ties together in the end. Great ending. Had a few funny scenes. If you are looking for a comedy to go see with your family, this is the movie to take them too.
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Jack & Jill

By virginiakustra
Written November 13, 2011
We absolutely loved it. We haven't seen a movie so funny in a long time. It's a great family movie. We kept waiting for a lull in the movie but their wasn't. My 14 yr. old son couldn't stop laughing. He's still talking about it today. What I like about the character Jill was that even though you knew it was Adam Sandler playing the part, He disappeared and the character Jill took over. We can't wait until the DVD comes out! It will definitely be added to out family colllection of movies. Great Job!
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Very Funny Stuff....Goofy Sandler At His Best.

By Al P
Written November 13, 2011
After "Bucky Larson," Sandler's last screenwriting attempt, anything, ANYTHING, would have been an improvement. He definitely redeems himself with this one. Known for over-the-top goofiness, A.S. takes his audience one step further this time by doing something HARD, pulling off drag AND being funny, without being offensive. Even the most die-hard cross dresser wouldn't be offended, since it's obvious end-to-end, nothing is off limits as far as political incorrectness is concerned. Peppered throughout with some of the most famous faces in film making cameo after cameo, the hilarity is nearly non-stop and this film is FUNNY. Film comedy is a hard gig. Doing it well is even harder. If you're an looking for a good laugh, this is just the ticket. The concept is family friendly over all, but probably wouldn't interest small children. It's teen safe and likely to be very popular among that age group, so grownups may want to do the later shows. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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