Lovveeeed it!

By princess2015
Written April 19, 2015
Loved the movie,the actor and actresses.specially shahrukh khan(can't not love him!!!!) and of course kat but wanted anushka w/ SRK at the end but o well. And of course it was yash chopra's last one, and best and most emotional and romantic movie everrrr!!!! Will always be my fav from today on and wish I could keep,going to watch it again but can't cause I can't drive alone on the highway b/c I'm only 16:((( But shahrukh if your reading this I love uuuuu !!!!!!!l love u,love u,love u!!!!!! U to kat and anushka!!!!!!
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It drags!

By sree_ravuri
Written May 01, 2016
Some serious editing missing in this movie. How can it be so long for a story that's so predictable? And such disappointing songs. Great cast and great action - but missing strength in storyline and bad songs.
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By ankwen
Written December 27, 2014
I have been a huge Shahrukh Khan fan since I was little, and this is the first movie that I could not tolerate. There were too many plot holes, the ideas were very scattered, there was no substance, and nothing seemed to come together. It didn't help that Katrina's acting was HORRIBLE...every time she tried to do something serious, such as fake cry, it seemed fake and was pretty funny. There were a lot of unnecessary twists and the movie was way too long for such a simple plot. The different scenes left a lot of questions in my head. The only sort-of-good thing about this movie was Anushka's acting - she was quite good, but her role seemed pointless to me. I did like the music though, especially the song during the credits.
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Only die hard SRK fans will enjoy.. rest stay away

By jatinjc
Written October 05, 2015
First half boring... second was better thanks to Anushka.. SRK was better in the second half.. he looks too old to play a 25 yr old.. Kat looks pretty but wasn't up to the mark even though she had the lead role. The only positive in the movie was Anushka.
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Not bad if you have seen it and wont miss if you havent

By SB_Movie_Goer
Written November 28, 2015
This is not the best work of Yash chopra on silver screen but i still went to see how he has picurized romance this time. I like the chopra's movies where they paint classic romantic stories with the dilemmas of being in love and then getting to a decision. This tries to do it and succeed at times. My Fav dialog in the movie belongs to Rishi Kapoor and like the background theme. I did not mind being in the theatre and see it undfold in 3 hours. Take your pick!
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