watch it for srk....

By sreejith1978
Written February 01, 2015
srk is young at heart but close up reveals his true age. tip to the fimmakers - its fine to portray deep emotions with extreme close up's but i dont want to see his wrinkles. His dimples can still be seen from far and that is enough to get his fans going. Srk does not have to try too hard to do what he does best - romance. He looks rugged, manly when he is acting his age at the very beginning of the movie and towards the end. The bearded look suits him to a tee plus the guys will love the royal enfield chugging thru leh-ladakh. Story is not innovative but then yash chopra was never a director to go for realism. He made a dream and it looks like a dream with the locations, the hills, the snow falls, the slow motions. watch it for the beautiful picturization. Anoushka does what is always does. act chirpy, jump around and gives something like a soda break. Music sounds more yash chopra than rehman. Watch this movie for cinematography and srk is no particular order
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Grade A- for JTHJ

By nothinglikenyc
Written November 16, 2012
First half of this movie was really captivating....but the rest got little dragging though. I didnt buy into the story but you gotta keep in mind after all its a hindi movie, so it sort of makes sense! Songs were great, views were stunning, SRK (Samar Anand) was great as always. Katrina's acting was okay, Aanushka (Aakira) was much better! Only 1 new thing this movie offers is the scene of SRK kissing Katrina, well done Srk!
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Beautiful, Funny, Romantic..

Written April 30, 2016
Go see this movie if you want to see some new and refreshing romantic movie style.. and if you enjoy great tunes... If you want a taste check out ( on Netflix) Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ( I hope I spelled that right).. Great movie!!
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Usual Yash Chopra Movie

By rajamuna32
Written February 10, 2016
Good cinematography, lovely to see Anushka again with Sharukh Khan. It's always a happy go movie at the end. But as there is always a lot of expectation from Yash Chopra every time a new movie comes in, this was not up to the mark. Saying that, any day it will be a better movie to watch when compared to 95% Bollywood movies releasing nowadays. Few things are consistent and probably will never change, how beautiful women look in an Yash Chopra Movie, beautiful locations, Anushka's vibrant acting, Shahrukh's romance and Katrina's irritating emotional scene performance and her hindi dialogue delivery. It's a one time go for sure. Songs are too good.
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Boring and Stale

By mrinkenti
Written November 14, 2012
If you are expecting a love story that you will remember for years to come, forget about it. this is a love story that you will forget the moment you walk out of the theater! the late Yash Chopra and Bollywood's reigning superstar of romantic films disappoint big time!
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