Romantic !

By chetan_gadkari
Written November 14, 2012
After several years Yash Chopra does it again. SRK's acting is by far the best when it comes to romance. Katrina looks gorgeous. Anushka also did a good job. I just feel that the movie length could have been shorter. Luv the music by AR Rehman.
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Epic Masterpiece

By zak-s
Written November 20, 2012
"Jab Tak Hai Jaan", a movie that is not just a movie, but lot more than that. I wouldn't say anything about the story cause i don't wanna spoil all those twist from the film. I gotta say "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" is an Epic Masterpiece that i saw today after 2004's Veer-Zaara. As simple as it is... Love stories will come and go, solid romantic will come and go, But no one will able to make them masterpiece like Yash Chopra! Sir...I salute you. Genius Aditya Chopra nail the story. Last but not least, SRK, Anushka, Katrina, you guys ROCK!
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The Best Love Story....

By Vikas Ahuja
Written September 28, 2016
Indians will not appreciate this kind of cinema since its foreshadowing and different but people who really appreciate films will understand. Shahrukh Khan is stunning and along with Katrina and Anushka. This movie is meant for more modern and western type cinema and as the makers said before that the movie was a modern take on a classic tale, 100% satisfied with Yashji's message and belief in love.
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watch it for srk....

By sreejith1978
Written May 26, 2017
srk is young at heart but close up reveals his true age. tip to the fimmakers - its fine to portray deep emotions with extreme close up's but i dont want to see his wrinkles. His dimples can still be seen from far and that is enough to get his fans going. Srk does not have to try too hard to do what he does best - romance. He looks rugged, manly when he is acting his age at the very beginning of the movie and towards the end. The bearded look suits him to a tee plus the guys will love the royal enfield chugging thru leh-ladakh. Story is not innovative but then yash chopra was never a director to go for realism. He made a dream and it looks like a dream with the locations, the hills, the snow falls, the slow motions. watch it for the beautiful picturization. Anoushka does what is always does. act chirpy, jump around and gives something like a soda break. Music sounds more yash chopra than rehman. Watch this movie for cinematography and srk is no particular order
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Worst YRF tll date

By santosh_dash
Written May 03, 2016
Die hard SRK fans can endure this ordeal called JTHJ. Anuska has done well, Katrina looked ravishing and SRK looks gr8 in the army uniform and the jackets. That's all I can say about JTHH.
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