Gofor Anushka Sharma & Yash Chopra

By creationmedias
Written December 18, 2014
Story was okay but I must say very very nice work by Anushka Sharma. She acted so well and kept her image as a bindaas girl since her all past movies. Yash Chopra's movie making scenes at the end of the movie was memorable too. Overall ratings - 4.0/5.0 Acting by Shahrukh Khan - 3.5/5.0 (4.5/5.0 as Army Officer) Acting by Katrina Kaif - 2.0/5.0 Acting by Anushka Sharma - 5.0/5.0 Story - 3.5/5.0
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Yash Chopra - what a fail.

By fandangle26
Written August 28, 2015
This is the first ever Shah Rukh Khan movie that I've HATED. SRK age = 47, Katrina age = 28. Why is SRK kissing Katrina?! Cradlerobber much?! I mean Chopra should have known better. Why not cast a younger actor or an older actress for the roles here? I got so disgusted watching the kiss scenes and ughhhh the sex scene... why?! There was no chemistry between the characters at all. There were so many parts of the movie where we got seriously bored and they could have been cut shorter. The Challa song needed to be shorter... or at least make the video more interesting. Seriously. It's a ****** love story about an annoying female obsessed with making retarded vows to God. How anyone could love her is beyond me. Ridiculous.
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Tribute to Yash chopra

By moneyease
Written October 14, 2015
Good movie, good watch. Story line is very common... I wonder if they could use Akira's discovery footage to recall his Samar's lost memory ;) Good light watch.. have fun.
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Jab Tak Hai "Katrina and Anushka"

By p_karanjkar
Written July 31, 2015
Jab Tak Hai Jaan? should be renamed as Jab Tak Hai "Katrina and Anushka". Shahrukh is dead after this movie. Was he there in this movie? Man, I am suffering from Retrogade Amnesia just like producers of hindi movies who conveniently forget..........that amnesia is overused formula. If Katrina is sugarcane then the song "Ishq Shava" is sugarcane juice. Katrina has been exploited to the fullest extent in this song. Another best performance by Anushka by the way. If you always order thigh and leg piece when you visit KFC, then Katrina and Anushka will satiate your appetite.
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Lovveeeed it!

By princess2015
Written May 26, 2016
Loved the movie,the actor and actresses.specially shahrukh khan(can't not love him!!!!) and of course kat but wanted anushka w/ SRK at the end but o well. And of course it was yash chopra's last one, and best and most emotional and romantic movie everrrr!!!! Will always be my fav from today on and wish I could keep,going to watch it again but can't cause I can't drive alone on the highway b/c I'm only 16:((( But shahrukh if your reading this I love uuuuu !!!!!!!l love u,love u,love u!!!!!! U to kat and anushka!!!!!!
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