J. Edgar Synopsis
J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes the first director of the FBI.
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J. Edgar: B+

By MattH306
A very good biopic spanning the career of a fascinating individual....

Dicaprio Was A Fantastic J. Edgar Hoover

By lovethemovies1955
Fascinating lesson about the beginning of modern crime techniques. So much there I didn't know, including J Edgars Hoovers relationship with his top executive! What a paranoid, troubled man. Go,...

Excellent acting

By Samaster
Trash acting like Twilight may make some bucks, but thank God our country still has some actors that really take acting seriously like Leonardo. Even if I don't like the subject in any of his films,...

Enjoyed It

By PinkKitty77
If you are looking for special effects, lots of action or edge of your seat drama this movie is not for you. It is a thinking person's film and most likely because it is methodical in nature, if...

J Edgar

By janelaf
He was one of the most interesting men of the 20th. century. I happen to be old enough to remember Hoover & this movie did not tell his story. It was way to politically correct....

J. Edgar is good but not great

By ed_campbell
This is a slow-paced film shot in a moody, dim lighting. Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job with Hoover at the end of his life - you forget there's a much younger man inside. But for most of the...

J. Edgar

By vladisha
this movie comes off like the story of the creation of the FBI and how J. Edgar ran it but in reality is a story of a homosexual relationship between two men. Very dissappointed in being misled by...

J. Edgar

By Shir-dog
I was very disappointed with this movie. I was expecting some real insights into one of the major American personalities of the 20th century, but got a whitewashed drama (?) that was scant on the...

J. Edgar

By mhkh1522
Not sure about the accuracy of this movie, but it was written and acted very well. Leonardo DeCaprio did an amazing job in this movie. Still not convinced J. Edgar was gay.......

Misdirection in many ways

By poetrydoctor
This film is acceptable when it should, instead, be exceptional. Leonardo Dicaprio does a fine job acting. However, from what we now know, as a matter of historical fact, about J. Edgar, the film...

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Rated R | For Brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Well-acted biopic tackles complex character; OK for teens.
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