• Released
  • October 11, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • NR , 1 hr 52 min
  • Suspense/Thriller

Surprises with twist and emotion

By Acire1984
Written July 27, 2016
Wow! What a film. This film takes you places that ordinary films don't dare evoke in the general public. This film moved me in so many different ways that it would be impossible to write out. Not only does this film make you fall into the chemistry between Sophia and Adam but it makes you search yourself too. With twist and jumpy scenes that make you hold your breath, the way the director choose to illustrate life and the world we live in truly is magical. It would be a shame for people not to give up an hour to sit back and let this film take you places. With it in theaters and on demand, it is a must see. I hope this director continues his journey and creates more masterpieces!
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