More of these kinds of films please . . .

By CeciliaSmith
Written March 14, 2011
FINALLY an African-American film that is neither tragic or outrageously laced in buffoonery! A real story that anyone can relate too no mater what color you are! It's more of these kinds of films that needed to be funded. I am a consumer that stopped paying for $13 for going to the movies a while ago - And I love film! . I don't see people who look like me on the big spring, yet the industry is hungry for butts in seats. How long do we have to keep looking at films that we could only wish to be a part of from peering in from a seat, in front of the camera or behind the camera? . . . . . Inclusion is must Hollywood - Wake up and smell the coffee! . .. . . The filmmaker for I WILL FOLLOW has figured it out like the Nigerians have - With more than 14 million African Americans in the world - certainly it's time to finance and tell our own stories on the big screen!
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A Tender Touch

By lezestreet
Written March 12, 2011
I enjoyed this movie, especially the way it was pieced together. It takes place in 24 hours but is packed with loads of history. Subtle nuances link you between the past and present and gently walks you through Maye's (Salli Richardson Whitfield) seemingly never ending day. I think anyone can enjoy this movie, but it can be especially appealing to the black community, teens to elders. It is beautifully filmed and acted, a great story that we've all gone through or will.
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I Will Follow this film anywhere!

By RobJonesJr71
Written March 13, 2011
Richardson-Whitfield, in a career-defining turn, is masterfully authentic in her portrayal of Maye. She is a stunning presence on the screen, communicating more through silences and the tears that never come than lesser actors can with a script full of dialogue and waterworks. Her scene with her nephew, Raven (played thoughtfully by Dijon Talton)—in which they humorously duel over sports and hip-hop music—is remarkable in its clarity, modernity, and effortlessness. Even smaller scenes, like the one with the movers (Royale Watkins and Owen Smith) provide levity without sacrificing tone. For the full review, vist my blog by Google searching "Son of Baldwin" and "I Will Follow."
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By Cstyle1
Written March 30, 2011
This movie does a great job of moving you through all the emotions of each character. Even when you don't agree with the actions/motives, you feel hurt. Each action/reaction is authenic and the non-fairytale endings of each discourse brings this film alive. Great film and I have already recommended it to a my friends!
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I will follow

By gfu2874
Written March 22, 2011
I really enjoyed the movie, VERY THOUGHTFUL, if you have ever lost someone close to you than you understand reflections of moments in their life that you shared with them Please go and see this movie.....
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