I Want Your Money Synopsis
Debate surrounds the role the U.S. government should play in the wealth of its citizens.
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All reviews here were submitted before the movie opened

By SapientHetero
This movie is politically charged, and exposes the stark divide between liberals and the rest of the country when it comes to tax and spending policy. Unfortunately, some have decided to post...

Five Word Review

By TxCybergal
Non-partisan No-Sniping Educational Inspiring Optimistic...

Five Word Review

By 42family
Many truths said in jest!...


By Diamondgirl1007
Anyone who has Lived, Worked (a job, not a cause), and raised a family through the last 30 or 40 years will appreciate this movie. The different styles, economic policies and characteristics of each...

Nailed It!

By jkwon1987
This low budget movie nailed the current problem with the American society and politics. Loved it. Thoroughly entertained as well! If you are concerned about current stage of the U.S. you must see...

I want you to see this movie!

By nutmeg101656
WOW! What an entertaining way to learn economic principles! My kids loved this, too! This is really good...and not appealing to the "geek" set only!! Well done, amusing, visually pleasing,...

Five Word Review

By Joseph P Minne
Politically motivated attack Don't Watch...

Pre-election propaganda

By jgreer
This movie was produced and directed by the who's who of wealthy conservative think tank operatives who want more money than the obscene amounts they already have. The title is an example of truth...

I could see November from the movie theater...!!!

By Pawnpusher4
I went for the laughs, but came away with a better knowledge of history than I ever had before. Politically inactive until 4 years ago, I learned things about Reagan that I never took the time to...

Great Synopsis of Today's Economic Argument

By D'84Th'87
If you do not follow politics, either in the mainstream media or the conservative press, this movie is for you! I really liked the lessons and information it presented. It does a great job of...

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Rated PG | For Thematic elements, brief language and smoking