Ivor Novello
Date of Birth
Jan 15, 1893
Birth Place:
Cardiff, Wales

Worked With

Year Name Title
1933 Jack Hawkins Autumn Crocus
1933 George Zucco Autumn Crocus
1933 Eliot Makeham I Lived with You
1933 Ida Lupino I Lived with You
1933 Jack Hawkins I Lived with You
1933 Madeleine Carroll Sleeping Car
1933 Stanley Holloway Sleeping Car
1932 Jack Hawkins The Lodger
1932 Anthony Holles The Lodger
1932 Andrea Malandrinos The Lodger
1932 Kynaston Reeves The Lodger
1931 Bramwell Fletcher Once a Lady
1931 Ruth Chatterton Once a Lady
1930 Jacqueline Logan Symphony in Two Flats
1929 Gordon Harker The Return of the Rat
1928 Benita Hume The Constant Nymph
1928 Benita Hume South Sea Bubble
1928 Ian Hunter When Boys Leave Home
1927 Ian Hunter Downhill
1926 Alfred Hitchcock The Lodger
1925 Mae Marsh The Rat
1923 Carol Dempster The White Rose
1923 Neil Hamilton The White Rose
1923 Mae Marsh The White Rose
1923 Una Merkel The White Rose
1922 C. Aubrey Smith Bohemian Girl
1922 Gibb McLaughlin Bohemian Girl
1922 Gladys Cooper Bohemian Girl
1922 Charles Vanel Gypsy Passion
1921 Victor McLaglen Carnival
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