I've Loved You So Long Synopsis
A world-weary woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) tries to reconnect with her estranged sister.
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I've Loved You So Long

By Akozorez
Captivating performance by Kristin Scott Thomas....

Loved it! Kristin Thomas Scott at her best!

By digitalbabe
The performances were subtle, and heartfelt. Miss Thomas plays this part with a realism that is not often seen on screen. She's a powerhouse, and I hope that we see more of her. The supporting cast...


By bwbabymovielover
This movie is the best movie I have seen all year. The best performance from Kristen Scott Thomas. Naturalistic acting at its best! This is a must see!...

I've Loved You So Long

By acaseofyou12581
Kristin Scott Thomas is clearly the woman of the hour in this film. Every expression on her face is more demanding of our attention and emotions than any other film I've seen this year. She is...

I've Loved You So Long

By Behind_the_scene
This film had moving performances by both main characters. The suspense was not great, so the tension between the various characters was slightly off. This is a character study, so don't go for the...

I've Loved You So Long

By moviegirl1121
A beautifully written, acted and directed movie about redemption and acceptance. It is also a story of the choices we make and the consequences of them in addition to being a movie about family...

I just loved it!

By Benoit
I thought that movie was great, full of emotions, remarkably well played. Kristin Scott Thomas is so beautiful in that movie......

Beautiful small film

By fred filmstone
A heartbreaker with lovely performances from Kristin Scott Thomas and Elsa Zylberstein. A lingering pace which allows the story to unfold in a very organic way. They don't make these films in...

A lovely movie.

By bardophile
This one is well worth seeing. The cinematography is great, as are the actors, and several of the characters are beautifully drawn. Kristin Scott Thomas's face is haunting, and her character's...

Five Word Review

By jenhc
KST at her absolute best....

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic material and smoking