Ivan Samson
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1894

Worked With

Year Name Title
1959 Bill Shine Libel
1959 Robert Morley Libel
1959 Robert Shaw Libel
1959 Richard Wattis Libel
1959 Olivia de Havilland Libel
1959 Dirk Bogarde Libel
1959 Wilfrid Hyde-White Libel
1959 Kenneth Griffith Libel
1957 Honor Blackman You Pay Your Money
1957 Basil Dignam You Pay Your Money
1957 Ben Williams You Pay Your Money
1957 Jane Hylton You Pay Your Money
1956 Wilfrid Hyde-White The March Hare
1956 Martita Hunt The March Hare
1956 Charles Hawtrey The March Hare
1956 Reginald Beckwith The March Hare
1956 Derrick de Marney The March Hare
1956 Peggy Cummins The March Hare
1956 Cyril Cusack The March Hare
1953 Jean-Pierre Aumont The Gay Adventure
1953 Edward Lexy The Gay Adventure
1953 Kathleen Harrison The Gay Adventure
1953 Burgess Meredith The Gay Adventure
1953 Andrea Malandrinos Innocents in Paris
1953 Christopher Lee Innocents in Paris
1953 Richard Wattis Innocents in Paris
1953 Laurence Harvey Innocents in Paris
1953 Kenny Williams Innocents in Paris
1953 Margaret Rutherford Innocents in Paris
1953 Louis de Funès Innocents in Paris
1953 Claude Dauphin Innocents in Paris
1953 Reginald Beckwith Innocents in Paris
1953 Claire Bloom Innocents in Paris
1953 Alastair Sim Innocents in Paris
1953 Ronald Shiner Innocents in Paris
1953 Bill Shine Innocents in Paris
1951 Jean Kent The Browning Version
1951 Michael Redgrave The Browning Version
1951 Bill Travers The Browning Version
1951 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Browning Version
1951 Nigel Patrick The Browning Version
1951 John Bentley Paul Temple's Triumph
1951 Ben Williams Paul Temple's Triumph
1951 Beatrice Varley Paul Temple's Triumph
1951 Bruce Seton Paul Temple's Triumph
1950 George Woodbridge Men of Darkness
1949 Frederick Leister Landfall
1949 David Tomlinson Landfall
1949 Kathleen Harrison Landfall
1949 Denis O'Dea Landfall
1949 Laurence Harvey Landfall
1949 Maurice Denham Landfall
1949 Kynaston Reeves The Winslow Boy
1949 Bill Shine The Winslow Boy
1949 Gordon McLeod The Winslow Boy
1949 Marie Lohr The Winslow Boy
1949 Margaret Leighton The Winslow Boy
1949 Edward Lexy The Winslow Boy
1949 Francis L. Sullivan The Winslow Boy
1949 Ernst Thesiger The Winslow Boy
1949 Cedric Hardwicke The Winslow Boy
1949 Basil Radford The Winslow Boy
1949 Kathleen Harrison The Winslow Boy
1949 Robert Donat The Winslow Boy
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Winslow Boy
1949 Stanley Holloway The Winslow Boy
1945 Thorley Walters Waltz Time
1945 Kay Kendall Waltz Time
1945 Patricia Medina Waltz Time
1942 Wilfred Lawson The Great Mr. Handel
1938 Geraldine Fitzgerald Stepping Toes
1937 Gibb McLaughlin April Blossoms
1936 Wally Patch Hail and Farewell
1935 Patric Knowles Honours Easy
1935 Margaret Lockwood Honours Easy
1935 Norma Varden Music Hath Charms
1935 Gus McNaughton Music Hath Charms
1935 John Stuart Regal Cavalcade
1935 Seymour Hicks Regal Cavalcade
1935 Hermione Baddeley Regal Cavalcade
1935 John Mills Regal Cavalcade
1935 Ben Welden Regal Cavalcade
1935 Arthur Wontner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Ronald Shiner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Marie Lohr Regal Cavalcade
1935 Gus McNaughton Regal Cavalcade
1935 Patric Knowles Regal Cavalcade
1935 Reginald Gardiner Regal Cavalcade
1935 Norma Varden The Student's Romance
1935 Patric Knowles The Student's Romance
1934 Anthony Kimmins White Ensign
1931 Bill Shine Many Waters
1931 Robert Douglas Many Waters
1920 Isobel Elsom Nance
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