Ivana Milicevic

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Anthony Mackie What's Your Number?
2011 Blythe Danner What's Your Number?
2011 Ed Begley, Jr. What's Your Number?
2009 David Keith Beneath the Blue
2009 Michael Ironside Beneath the Blue
2008 Val Kilmer Columbus Day
2008 Marg Helgenberger Columbus Day
2008 Yaphet Kotto Witless Protection
2008 Joe Mantegna Witless Protection
2008 Eric Roberts Witless Protection
2008 Peter Stormare Witless Protection
2008 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Your Name Here
2008 Bill Pullman Your Name Here
2008 M. Emmet Walsh Your Name Here
2007 Rade Serbedzija Battle in Seattle
2007 Connie Nielsen Battle in Seattle
2007 Woody Harrelson Battle in Seattle
2007 Charlize Theron Battle in Seattle
2007 Ray Liotta Battle in Seattle
2006 Giancarlo Giannini Casino Royale
2006 Jeffrey Wright Casino Royale
2006 Daniel Craig Casino Royale
2006 Judi Dench Casino Royale
2006 Tom Skerritt Fallen [TV Miniseries]
2006 Rade Serbedzija Fallen [TV Miniseries]
2006 Eric Bogosian Love Monkey [TV Series]
2006 Chazz Palminteri Running Scared
2005 Reese Witherspoon Just Like Heaven
2005 Mark Ruffalo Just Like Heaven
2005 Rosalind Chao Just Like Heaven
2005 Caroline Aaron Just Like Heaven
2005 Donal Logue Just Like Heaven
2004 Vincent Perez Frankenstein
2004 Michael Madsen Frankenstein
2004 Parker Posey Frankenstein
2003 Renée Zellweger Down With Love
2003 Ewan McGregor Down With Love
2003 Tony Randall Down With Love
2003 David Hyde Pierce Down With Love
2003 Paul Rudd Friends: The One With the Memorial Service
2003 Colin Firth Love Actually
2003 Rowan Atkinson Love Actually
2003 Keira Knightley Love Actually
2003 Hugh Grant Love Actually
2003 Liam Neeson Love Actually
2003 Emma Thompson Love Actually
2003 Laura Linney Love Actually
2003 Billy Bob Thornton Love Actually
2003 Bill Nighy Love Actually
2003 Alan Rickman Love Actually
2003 Danny Aiello Mail Order Bride
2003 Michael C. Hall Paycheck
2003 Aaron Eckhart Paycheck
2003 Joe Morton Paycheck
2003 Ben Affleck Paycheck
2003 Paul Giamatti Paycheck
2003 Uma Thurman Paycheck
2002 M. Emmet Walsh The Mind of the Married Man: Season 02
2001 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Head Over Heels
2001 Tony Shalhoub Impostor
2001 Lindsay Crouse Impostor
2001 Vincent D'Onofrio Impostor
2001 Madeleine Stowe Impostor
2001 Tracey Walter Impostor
2001 Gary Sinise Impostor
2001 Elizabeth Peña Impostor
2001 M. Emmet Walsh The Mind of the Married Man: Season 01
1998 Regina King Enemy of the State
1998 James LeGros Enemy of the State
1998 Ian Hart Enemy of the State
1998 Jason Robards, Jr. Enemy of the State
1998 Jon Voight Enemy of the State
1998 Will Smith Enemy of the State
1998 Tom Sizemore Enemy of the State
1998 Gene Hackman Enemy of the State
1998 Jack Black Enemy of the State
1998 Barry Pepper Enemy of the State
1998 Jason Lee Enemy of the State
1998 Scott Caan Enemy of the State
1998 Seth Green Enemy of the State
1998 Gabriel Byrne Enemy of the State
1998 Jake Busey Enemy of the State
1996 Renée Zellweger Jerry Maguire
1996 Beau Bridges Jerry Maguire
1996 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Jerry Maguire
1996 Mike White Jerry Maguire
1996 Jay Mohr Jerry Maguire
1996 Lucy Liu Jerry Maguire
1996 Donal Logue Jerry Maguire
1996 Eric Stoltz Jerry Maguire
1996 Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire
1996 Lamont Johnson Jerry Maguire
1996 Regina King Jerry Maguire
1996 Bonnie Hunt Jerry Maguire
1996 Kelly Preston Jerry Maguire
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