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By max.jalmaani
Written April 15, 2013
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Typical Filipino Love Story

By embra73dora
Written August 30, 2014
It was a good movie, although them getting back together at the end was expected I can say they did a good job. John Lloyd still have the charisma and expertise in drama. Sara played her character well.
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By caseymabebe
Written December 27, 2014
Meaningful: The dialogue had substance and heart. Cute: Sarah and John have chemistry. Sooo FUNNY: perfect punchlines throughout the movie EXTRAORDINARY ENDING: Perfect ending to the saga
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By wiver
Written April 20, 2013
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It takes a man and a woman

By boss_ricky
Written November 25, 2014
Very good movie! It makes me laugh and cry a little bit. Good movie to recommend.
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