It's Complicated Synopsis
A divorcee (Meryl Streep) is caught between her ex (Alec Baldwin) and an architect (Steve Martin) .
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Comedy for Grown Ups (over 35)

By tekdiva
OK this movie was REALLY funny!!! This is definitely a grown folks movie. You would think that one of the 3 major stars would have been the funniest people in the movie. But if John Krasinski (Jim...

It's Complicated

By gsimko
I have a major problem with a movie or any other venue condoning or encouraging either a man or woman cheating on a spouse. One can only hope that the news of the personal lives of the family...

It's Complicated

By revbethjohnson
Fast-paced, hilarious, down-to-earth, and only rated "R" because it's wonderful RAUNCHY! No explicit sex, only the build-up and after-math (quite enough). Deals with a subject (extra-marital...

It's Complicated

By moviebuff4478
Saw this a couple of hours ago. It was much funnier than I thought it would be. Meryl Streep did a great job! Even Alec Baldwin was even surprisingly funny! Great to see as a couple or by yourself....

It"s complicated

By tanyahodge
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! one of the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Meryl Streep is so lovable and Alec is funny, witty and gorgeous. Steve Martin isnt in a lot of scenes,but the ones he is in are...

Five Word Review

By 100% connected Nam vet

Finally an Adult Comedy for Real People!

By bahiaw
Streep, Baldwin & Martin give fantastic portrayals of people who have been through the same situation with divorce, remorse, guilt, adultery, rekindled love and finally in the end reality. Santa...


By a sleeper
I am sorry but this movie was not funny , at all ..... OK , maybe you should see it, or you could stay home and watch your freezer make ice.......

Not just a chick flick

By birac
OK, teen and twentysomething males wont really go for this,but mature men,or men just willing to learn something and enjoy time with their wife/gf should be cool. It was her turn to pick and we were...

It's Complicated review

By juicylucy1702
Really good!...

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Rated R | For sexuality and some drug content
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Common Sense Media says Parents will dig this over-50 romcom, but kids won't.
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