A Wonderful Life

By jana5000
Written December 27, 2007
I so hope the Aero will show "It's A Wonderful Life," every year! This is my second year attending and am already planning on seeing this incredible movie next year and every year as long as I'm here and healthy to do so. Thank you so much for offering the oppurtunity to see this incredible classic on the "big screen".....it's a rare wonder that reminds me of the beauty and value of life, regardless one's situation. It's good to remeber that it's a wonderful life,especially on the "big screen". Thank you for offering this gift every year. We'll be there next year again...it's our family's newest tradition. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2008!
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Can't get enough

By dandavidson23
Written December 16, 2010
Love it live in Cypress Ca. Anyone know where it is playing in the theater at? email me at dandavidson23@yahoo.com
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By mdod1017
Written December 23, 2012
Truly a Christmas tradition timeless !!
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Simply the best ... and i mean best of the best.

By lonewulf44
Written December 03, 2010
Words do no justice. See it, and just experience the marvel of what a movie should be and how it should make you feel. It does it all ... They should show this is every theatre each season.
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So Wonderful!

By betlbugluver
Written September 20, 2014
It was so great to get the chance to see this classic film on the big screen.
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