It Follows Synopsis
For 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe, THE GUEST), the fall should be about school, boys and weekends at the lake. Yet after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter she suddenly finds herself plagued by nightmarish visions.
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Not worth it

By Bhaughney
So I succumb to all the hype and fantastic reviews and said hey a great indie horror film....just what I was waiting for well....I just have to keep waiting. The music is awful and annoying as is...

Classic Horror

By Fanofjaws
Get ready for the ride of your life. Classic horror at its best. If you like John Carpenter you will like It Follows!...

Classic Creepy

By curtiswt10
One of the creepiest horror films in the last decade. This film will get under your skin and leave you with a lingering uneasy feeling. I cannot stop thinking about it. Great acting, writing and...

By poofo123
Anyone who reviewed this movie and gave it one star is an absolute idiot. This movie is intended to be like an 80's style horror movie. This movie is intelligent and knows what it is, and pulls off...

It Follows and...

By crwilco
nothing, movie over....

By alexjaymoran
Don't bother! The story drags and they never even explain the origin of the entity, not to mention to not be killed by it they just drive a few hours away and just wait a few days for it to catch up...


By DevanAngelo
The only reason I chose to see this movie in theatres was because of the reviews. 95% postive critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes touting this to be the best and scariest horror movie in years. A 95%...

It drags

By darczomby630
Since this app doesn't allow me to select negative stars, I was forced to rate it a one star. Honestly trust the reviews that state the this movie is completely lame. Do not and I mean do not waste...

Suspensful but...

By Melina P
If you're like me & enjoy movies that give you complete stories, start to finish, this movie will wind up annoying you. It's not even scary, just different, depressed-looking, sometimes naked...

aurora_movie goer

By burrellp
If I can give this movie a negative star I would. This movie belongs mystery theater 3000. It was terrible. Terrible acting, set, etc......

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity, Disturbing Violent Content, Disturbing Sexual Content and Language
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Common Sense Media says Masterful, mature horror movie deals with teen sex.
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