Five Word Review

By dalifemme77
Written August 22, 2010
Why make this remake? WHY????
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Feel Cheated

By wfrank
Written October 08, 2010
Can't post a review because only a limited audience was chosed to view this. By releasing this as limited. They pick and choose who watched it. Boycott this and other "limited" release films until films are released in all 50 states.
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I Spit On Your Grave Review

By Derrick Deane
Written May 10, 2011
I thought for sure this was going to be one of those movies where I beacme either too bored or too sickened to continue watching. Quite the contrary. While it starts off a bit slow, the payoff is kind of nice. The five guys who assault Jennifer Hills get their come uppance. While the dialogue during the payback sequence is kind of dry and bland, watching these five creeps get served was pretty cool. The fishhooks sequence was kind of gnarly, but then I have a phobia with fishhooks. Best kill scene is the sheriff.
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Dosen't Live Upto The Hype!!

By Syeda
Written October 15, 2010
With All this talk about how intesne the violence is- I went in expecting to see something I have never seen before. I felt totally onderwhelmed- Saw is way more intense than this. I thought the revenge bit had to be atleast 10 times more intense for the film to live upto the Hype it has created. They show nothing directly and the torture should have been more creative and much slower. The guys dieed way too fast and way too easy. The rape scene is disturbing and I wanted less of that if possible but the revenge bit is what the movie is about and it demanded volumes more!!! I mean a 2010 remake had to reflect all the advances filmmaking has gone through. My imagination did much better with the torture scenes than the movie depiction. The whole purpose of this remake was to push the envelop beyond anything before and I think it utterly failed to do that. We are jaded 2010 viewers!! Come on !! we can take a lot more than this timid flick!
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Five Word Review

By miszzlenaaa
Written October 09, 2010
Nothing can top this movie!!!!!!
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