I Spit on Your Grave Synopsis
A brutalized writer seeks revenge on the attackers who left her for dead.
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Feel Cheated

By wfrank
Can't post a review because only a limited audience was chosed to view this. By releasing this as limited. They pick and choose who watched it. Boycott this and other "limited" release films until...

I Spit On Your Grave Review

By Derrick Deane
I thought for sure this was going to be one of those movies where I beacme either too bored or too sickened to continue watching. Quite the contrary. While it starts off a bit slow, the payoff is...

Five Word Review

By dalifemme77
Why make this remake? WHY????...

Dosen't Live Upto The Hype!!

By Syeda
With All this talk about how intesne the violence is- I went in expecting to see something I have never seen before. I felt totally onderwhelmed- Saw is way more intense than this. I thought the...

Five Word Review

By miszzlenaaa
Nothing can top this movie!!!!!!...


By docter
the i spit on your grave 2010 is had some story. but go to differ diction. i enjoy movie get three half star....

Challengingly disturbing

By Omar M
I would recommend this movie for those that like the dark and ugly side that humanity has to offer that is depicted in movie art.. This movie will haunt you (women) when doing things in isolation away...

I Spit On Your Grave

By Drez_Digital
Not familiar with the original version but this film on the whole had some brutal and hard hitting moments....

Loved it

By noellenyny8403
Let's be honest here, this is a movie about a woman who goes for a retreat and is raped/terrorized. She then flips it and gets revenge in (my personal opinion) a sweet way. Not quite sure who wouldn't...

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Rated NR | For Pervasive strong sadistic brutal violence, rape and torture, nudity and language