• Released
  • December 29, 2006
  • NR
  • Action/Adventure


A sworn bachelor falls head over heels in love with a woman whom only he can see, only to find himself on a lifesaving mission in director Vivek Agrawal's ethereal, supernaturally themed romance. Everyone loves Raj Jaiswal (Arjun Rampal). The host of a popular television talk show called "British Raj," Jaiswal is an unrepentant womanizer who proposes marriage to nearly every woman he meets. Despite his insatiable appetite for flirting, however, Raj has secretly sworn to remain a bachelor until the day he dies. Everything changes for Raj when he meets a mysterious and beautiful stranger named Shivani Dutt (Vipasha) in his bedroom, and the woman makes the curious claim that Raj's apartment is, in fact, hers. Instantly smitten with the curious woman, Raj is deeply disturbed to discover that he is the only person who can see or touch Shivani. Though his friends do their best to convince Raj that Shivani is nothing more than a figment of his imagination, Raj knows that he has stumbled upon something much deeper, and remains convinced that his questioned sanity is still well intact. Upon discovering that Shivani is actually lying comatose in a hospital and that her life support is about to be disconnected, Raj enlists the aid of London's only Hindi-speaking policeman to save his one true love before it's too late. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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