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I SAW THE LIGHT, the story of the legendary country western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music.
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I Saw the Light.

By Lumicite
To be honest, the editing did nothing to enhance the film, however, the acting was superlative on all counts. Tom Hiddleston is a fine, fine, actor;he captured the very essence of the character...

I liked it...light

By Bjomalley
Tom H was fantastic in the acting role and his singing was pretty perfect. Too perfect, actually. His performances were missing the twang and lacking the soul that the real Hank had in his voice....

Hiddleston is GREAT, but...

By slattery69
Tom Hiddleston is the reason this movie gets three stars. Throughout the movie I kept wondering, "where's all the great music?" When we did get music, all we heard was mostly a verse, rarely a whole...

Hiddleston is stunning

By applepienyc
See it for Tom Hiddleston's mesmerizing turn as Hank William - his singing is especially impressive! Script is choppy and scattered but casting is great and again, that music!...

Loved this film!

By cleobrock
This film avoids the stereotypical biopic tropes and instead gives us a look at an artist who struggled with addiction and personal failures yet gave us some of the best songs and poetry of the 20the...

I Saw The Light

The movie was well acted and very period correct. The music was performed very well with the actors actually performing the songs. I would highly recommend this movie to anybody interested in the...

Liked it, but.... short on music and intensity!

By sbt427n
At least I learned Hank died at the ripe young age of 29. The film was intended to portray his genius and his fighting of his demons. But, thought it came up short on both ends of the stick. Would...

Tom IS Hank

By somaliasims
Wow! What a performance from Hiddleston. Tom is stellar and you get absolutely lost in his portrayal as Hank. I have to say though, I wasn't a fan of how the movie was cut and pieced together. There...

I saw the lght toooo

By diane1284
Excellent telling of a tragic story... Brilliance + pain = a short but bright star on earth...

Tom Hiddleston is amazing

By icarre82
I watched this film at Angelika Center with the Q&A after this show. Tom Hiddleston is really amazing in this film I think Mark Abrahams did not do justice to the actors in this film But Tom...

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Rated R | For Brief Sexuality/Nudity and Some Language.
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Common Sense Media says Strong acting, great music in mature but predictable biopic.
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