IS ANYONE THERE? Yes! A fine acting ensemble! GRADE: B

Written April 25, 2009
Fri 4/24 - this morning I attended the ADVANCE PRESS PREVIEW of this 92-min British production starring Michael Caine. Since this movie is not the 'usual' Hollywood 'blockbuster', I had low expectations for it - but I was surprised to find myself enjoying this thought-provoking tightly scripted well-made movie. Major HEAVY themes - death/mortality, age/aging/senility, obsession, forgiveness, compassion, etc. - and you will definitely ponder if there is life after death. But, the major message is that we should appreciate what and who we have now including understanding and accepting and to try to better ourselves. SPOILERS ALERT: I hate the fact that Clarence dies in the end. I was dismayed that Edward's mother let his father off the hook so readily. I applauded Edward's aptitude in learning magic tricks - and one-upping his bullies. It was sad to see various elderly folks dropping dead like flies VERDICT: Worth checking out. May be too depressing and glum for some.
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Two outstanding actors are there

By frankjoseph routman
Written April 20, 2009
Michael Caine performs a stunning role of a man coming apart at the seams as he fights against the last stages of aging. The young actor David Morrassey puts in an equally stunning performance and holds his own and then some despite Caine portrayal of contentiousness. The boys character is fully developed regardless if he is in a scene with others or alone. The story is vivid and doesn't soften the nature of the portrayal of the nature of events surrounding death and dying. Not fast paced, but thoughtfully portrayed and thought provoking.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written May 10, 2009
When an actor as good as Michael Cain takes on a project as intimate and spirited as the subject matter in IS THERE ANBODY THERE? is, you know you are in for a rare and wonderful treat to watch a veteran take stage and deliver a heart-felt performance. He has a terrific ensemble working around him here in this ode to one's golden years, notably Bill Milner as the young, precocious youth who is fascinated with death and all its paranormal trappings. The young boy is forced to live in a home where his mother (wonderfully played by Anne-Marie Duff) has set a convelescent setting for senior citizens to come and live out their remaining days. At first, the cantankerous old codger played by Caine - who once was a semi-popular magician - is at odds with the boy, but soon learns to love him as his own. Sweet and quirky scenes pop up effortlessly in this script that acknowledges death in very mirthful ways. A real little gem of a film!
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Christians beware!!

By jdmannsurf5
Written May 02, 2009
While the movie has some nice moments it definitely answers the films title with a NO! But worse yet in the middle of the film one of the men in the nursing home tells a crude joke related to the Bible and then dirogitorily curses "F---ing Christians!!". Why is it that movies makers can get away with that type of intolerance when it involves Christians whereas if this same statements was used with Islam, Blacks or gays it would be panned. and reviewed as being intolerant if not hate based. Of course the movie had the regular profaning of the name of Jesus Christ. Definitly my last Michael Caine movie and will not be watching him in the Muppet Christmas Carol again.
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Is Anybody there?

By onetogo
Written May 07, 2009
Micheal Caine carrys this film wonderfully. If you like MC, you will definately love this picture. It follows a family caring for the elderly who have had interesting lives. It goes from life to death for some of the people in the home. It is the interacton between the young (11) and the aged living in the same house. I would recommend this movie if you are tired of shoot em up, car chases, bad language in the current film industry today. A breath of fresh air to have conversation the body of the film, not the extra to fill inbeween the action scenes.
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