Isabelle Cooley

Worked With

Year Name Title
1991 Paul Gleason Rich Girl
1990 Gavin MacLeod Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965
1990 Donald O'Connor Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965
1990 Anne Francis Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965
1990 Sheldon Leonard Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965
1989 Bernie Casey Hunter: Investment in Death
1989 Dennis Dugan Parenthood
1989 Dianne Wiest Parenthood
1989 Lowell Ganz Parenthood
1989 Jane Jenkins Parenthood
1989 Rick Moranis Parenthood
1989 Steve Martin Parenthood
1989 Mary Steenburgen Parenthood
1989 Clint Howard Parenthood
1989 Martha Plimpton Parenthood
1989 Tom Hulce Parenthood
1989 Keanu Reeves Parenthood
1989 Jason Robards, Jr. Parenthood
1989 Robert Culp Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!
1987 Howie Mandel Walk Like a Man
1987 Christopher Lloyd Walk Like a Man
1987 Cloris Leachman Walk Like a Man
1987 Jane Jenkins Walk Like a Man
1987 George DiCenzo Walk Like a Man
1987 Stephen Elliott Walk Like a Man
1985 William Atherton Real Genius
1985 Jane Jenkins Real Genius
1985 Patti D'Arbanville Real Genius
1985 Val Kilmer Real Genius
1985 Ed Lauter Real Genius
1983 Richard Gere Breathless
1982 Raul Julia The Escape Artist
1982 Jackie Coogan The Escape Artist
1982 Garry Marshall The Escape Artist
1982 Huntz Hall The Escape Artist
1982 M. Emmet Walsh The Escape Artist
1982 Teri Garr The Escape Artist
1982 Gabriel Dell The Escape Artist
1982 Desi Arnaz The Escape Artist
1982 Joan Hackett The Escape Artist
1982 Forest Whitaker T.A.G.: The Assassination Game
1982 Robert Carradine T.A.G.: The Assassination Game
1982 Linda Hamilton T.A.G.: The Assassination Game
1982 Perry Lang T.A.G.: The Assassination Game
1979 Marsha Mason Chapter Two
1979 Joseph Bologna Chapter Two
1979 James Caan Chapter Two
1979 Valerie Harper Chapter Two
1968 Janet MacLachlan Uptight
1968 Frank Silvera Uptight
1968 Raymond St. Jacques Uptight
1968 James McEachin Uptight
1968 Roscoe Lee Browne Uptight
1968 Ruby Dee Uptight
1968 Robert DoQui Uptight
1966 John Banner Hogan's Heroes: The Prince from the Phone Company
1966 Werner Klemperer Hogan's Heroes: The Prince from the Phone Company
1966 Ivan Dixon Hogan's Heroes: The Prince from the Phone Company
1963 Jean Marsh Cleopatra
1963 Roddy McDowall Cleopatra
1963 John Hoyt Cleopatra
1963 Rex Harrison Cleopatra
1963 Michael Hordern Cleopatra
1963 Laurence Naismith Cleopatra
1963 Douglas Wilmer Cleopatra
1963 Richard Burton Cleopatra
1963 Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra
1963 Carroll O'Connor Cleopatra
1963 Robert Stephens Cleopatra
1963 Andrew Keir Cleopatra
1963 Hume Cronyn Cleopatra
1963 Cesare Danova Cleopatra
1963 Pamela Brown Cleopatra
1963 Martin Benson Cleopatra
1963 Francesca Annis Cleopatra
1963 Finlay Currie Cleopatra
1963 Martin Landau Cleopatra
1963 Jeremy Kemp Cleopatra
1963 Kenneth Haigh Cleopatra
1963 John Doucette Cleopatra
1963 George Cole Cleopatra
1960 Jimmy Lydon I Passed for White
1960 James Franciscus I Passed for White
1958 James Edwards Anna Lucasta
1958 Sammy Davis Jr. Anna Lucasta
1958 Eartha Kitt Anna Lucasta
1958 Michael Connors Suicide Battalion
1958 Jackie Joseph Suicide Battalion
1957 DeForest Kelley Raintree County
1957 Dorothy Granger Raintree County
1957 Robert Foulk Raintree County
1957 Eva Marie Saint Raintree County
1957 Agnes Moorehead Raintree County
1957 Lee Marvin Raintree County
1957 Rod Taylor Raintree County
1957 Elizabeth Taylor Raintree County
1957 Rhys Williams Raintree County
1957 Montgomery Clift Raintree County
1957 Nigel Patrick Raintree County
1957 Bill Walker Raintree County
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