Irving Cummings
Date of Birth
Oct 09, 1888
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1925 Milton Sills As Man Desires
1925 Rosemary Theby As Man Desires
1925 Ruth Clifford As Man Desires
1925 Viola Dana As Man Desires
1923 Adolphe Menjou Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Hobart Bosworth Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Claire Windsor Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Bryant Washburn Rupert of Hentzau
1922 Adolphe Menjou Eternal Flame
1922 Norma Talmadge Eternal Flame
1922 Rosemary Theby Eternal Flame
1922 Wallace Beery Man from Hell's River
1920 Myrtle Stedman Harriet and the Piper
1920 Myrtle Stedman Old Dad
1920 John St. Polis Old Dad
1920 Lucien Littlefield The Round Up
1920 Guy Oliver The Round Up
1920 Wallace Beery The Round Up
1920 Edward Sutherland The Round Up
1920 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle The Round Up
1920 Buster Keaton The Saphead
1920 Myrtle Stedman Sex
1919 Gloria Swanson Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Elliott Dexter Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Theodore Roberts Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Lucien Littlefield Everywoman
1919 Bebe Daniels Everywoman
1919 Raymond Hatton Everywoman
1919 Monte Blue Everywoman
1919 Tully Marshall Everywoman
1919 Warner Oland Mandarin's Gold
1919 Ethel Clayton Men, Women and Money
1919 ZaSu Pitts Men, Women and Money
1919 Robert Warwick The Secret Service
1919 Theodore Roberts The Secret Service
1919 Wanda Hawley The Secret Service
1917 Ethel Barrymore An American Widow
1917 Harry Davenport Man's Law
1917 Montagu Love Rasputin, the Black Monk
1916 Alice Brady The Gilded Cage
1916 Montagu Love The Gilded Cage
1916 Madge Evans The Hidden Scar
1916 Ethel Clayton The Hidden Scar
1916 Montagu Love The Hidden Scar
1914 Paul Panzer The Last Volunteer
1914 James Cruze The Million Dollar Mystery
1914 Paul Scardon Uncle Tom's Cabin
1910 Sarah Bernhardt La Dame aux Camelias
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