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Woody Allen's IRRATIONAL MAN is about a tormented philosophy professor who finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.
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Irrational decision to go watch this terrible movie

By tqg4ply
If movie went any slower it would have gone backwards. Terrible movie, boring, no real plot or...

Loved It!

By eberger300
Woody Allen just gets better and better. This is his best yet. The characters and actors are superb. Loved everything about it. What a great storyteller he is....

Save your money

By Harry2016
Moves very slowly, yet anther older man young woman motif which has been played out way too many times. No chemistry between Phoenix and Stone, everyone miscast. Terrible....

Most superficial, underdeveloped woody ever!

By drjazzguy
I suspect that this screenplay was written long ago. Elements of other woody movies including the main thrust of killing someone and getting away with it. The dialog was so uninspired and...

Irrational Man is pretty DARK

By mharth
Irrational Man is a pretty DARK movie. The acting was excellent as well as the direction. I felt the casting was a bit off with regard to the "believable" ages of the students. The presentation of...

Don't go!

By charliew3
We left in the middle so I can't tell you about the end. It was too stupid to watch....

Only for Woody Allen fans

By amyegg366
If you love Woody Allen films, you'll love this one. If not, then, meh . . ....

Irrational Man Won't Be For Everyone

By ilenelk
The best thing about this movie is Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, along with their supporting staff. They take what could have been a very ridiculous story and infuse it with humanity. There is...

Top-notch acting, unbelievable plot

By sheryl97
I love Joaquin Phoenix. I LOVE Joaquin Phoenix. I love Emma Stone. Without putting in spoilers, I'll say this is a highly improbable plot, though worthy/typical of Woody Allen. I'd like to give it...

Irrational Man

By delmar42
First Woody Allen movie I've seen. A little too wordy for my taste. The 2 lead actors seemed to over-act, but I guess this is Allen's way. Good ending....

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Rated R | For Some Language and Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Woody Allen collegiate/crime drama fun, if not innovative.
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